How to Love Reading

A few years ago, I absolutely despised reading. I hated books and everything to do with them.
Throughout school I was forced to study and read books that I hated, didn’t understand and found very, very boring. This pretty much put me off books for most of my life.
In 2016, my boyfriend encouraged me to give reading another go. I started off by reading some free books on Apple iBooks, I had a good browse and picked out some books that I liked the sound of. Being able to pick out books you would actually enjoy reading is a massive bonus, it also gives you motivation to read.
As I started enjoying reading more and more, I started purchasing hard books instead of electronic books, and again, I began to get into reading even more.
Now I get SO excited walking into a book store, wondering what awesome books I can find today. Reading is important, it gives us a chance to escape the real world for a bit, which is nice. There are also many other benefits:
  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Increases Knowledge
  3. Improves Memory
  4. Expands Vocabulary
  5. Improved focus and concentration
  6. Boosts writing skills
These points all have something to do with your brain. Reading challenges your brain which keeps it healthy, strong and working at its full capacity.
If you’re not a reader, I would really encourage you to pick up a book you like today, even if it’s a free one, it doesn’t matter, it’s a start. Even if it’s just one book a year, it’s something! If you’re a lover of reading but haven’t picked up a book in a while, make some time in your day to relax and have a well-deserved break from day-to-day life.
I will be posting ‘book of the week’ posts most weeks, these will give you a peak at what sort of books I’ve been reading, I will also be adding how I rate them and what my thoughts are.
Let me know what sort of books you like reading and what your favourites are!
A big thank you to my other half for starting my love for books ❤
Book reviews coming soon,
Chelsea x


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