23 Fun Facts About 23 Year Old Me

My first post on here was a quick few paragraphs about me, but I thought I would make it a bit more intimate by adding some fun facts to help you know me better. I thought this would be useful as I will be blogging frequently. I think it would be kind of weird to follow a blog of someone you didn’t know anything about.

Here we go!

#1 I am a very organised person, if I am not organised I will stress out.

#2 I am pretty quiet & shy, although as I am getting older I’m coming out of my shell a bit more.

#3 I am fairly neat and like routine.

#4 I am pretty self-conscious, always have been, but I am trying my hardest to change this.

#5 I have high expectations and get disappointed most of the time, my high expectations are dropping though which is a good thing I guess!

#6 I LOVE music. It has helped me get through my school days and beyond. Music has always been there to help me through. Some of my favourite bands are All Time Low (obviously), Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Simple Plan, Bring Me The Horizon & many more. I have seen all these bands live!

#7 I am obsessed with hot chocolates & chocolate in general.

#8 I am a pretty independent person, due to being an only child.

#9 The movie I have watched the most is The Princess Diaries, I’ll never get sick of it.

#10 I adore forests, I find them so peaceful and pretty.

#11 I love the city! I find it so fascinating.

#12 I used to eat macaroni cheese so much that the container I cooked it in stained yellow. Macaroni cheese is one of my favourite foods!

#13 The Sims is my favourite game.

#14 I am a very trustworthy & loyal person (except if you leave unattended chocolate in front of me)

#15 I have two main fears, Necrophobia (fear of death) & Nosocomephobia (fear of hospitals)

#16 I LOVE breakfasts foods, granola & muesli is life.

#17 I enjoy taking photos and own two cameras – Canon 650D & Canon G7X.

#18 I am a very friendly & kind person, always up for making new friends.

#19 I don’t particularly like exercise, but I do it so I feel better about myself. I do quite enjoy walking.

#20 I bloody love reading.

#21 I have a Pomeranian x Corgi called Milly and she is the cutest. We adopted her when she was 12 months old and we fell in love with her instantly.

#22 I have a massive sweet tooth. Give me all the cookies, cakes, muffins, chocolate & pie!

#23 I have a blog!

I’d like to say a big thank you for the follows & support, be sure to sign up to receive my blog posts in your inbox! I won’t spam it, don’t worry. I love receiving notifications on new blog posts, it gives me something to read in my down time.

Don’t forget to share with your friends, and I would love if you could share some of your own fun facts below, I reply to all comments!

More posts coming your way,

Chelsea x

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