Current Favourite Vloggers

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re week is going well, it’s almost Friday, yay! While you’re reading this, it will be my birthday! Yep, 1st March, a very easy date to remember, and which means that I am a Pisces! Mine and my Dad’s Birthdays are less than a week apart, and the two weeks heading up to my Birthday I have Valentines Day and my anniversary with my amazing boyfriend, so it is a very fun and exciting time of year for me! So, enough about this, let me tell you what vloggers I’m absolutely loving at the moment on YouTube!

Alfie Deyes / PointlessBlog
Alfie is my favourite youtuber, along with his girlfriend Zoe (Zoella). He does daily vlogs, so you are guaranteed to have a new video from him every single day! Unless he is away on holiday, or sick, of course. He does the most crazy and insane things to keep his subscribers watching. He has hidden and stayed in a trampoline park without the staff knowing, for 24 hours (the owner knew, but didn’t tell the staff either) and recently he had breakfast, lunch and dinner in 3 different countries. He is such an honest and positive person, I would recommend his vlogs to anyone! You can view his channel here

Like Alfie, Zoe is also one of my favourite YouTubers. She does main channel videos which mainly base around beauty, fashion and personal life chats. On her vlog channel, she post fairly long weekly vlogs (about 40 mins long) and what she’s been up to on those days. Zoe has millions of subscribers and you can see why, her videos are really great. Go and check out her main channel and her vlog channel

Brogan Tate
I have just recently been watching Brogan on YouTube. She uploads daily vlogs which I love, mainly of normal day-to-day things (which I like because I’m nosy lol). She also has beauty, lifestyle and travel videos. She quite often travels to places around the world to ski which is awesome. She has 45,000 followers so far and growing, go check them out here and see for yourself!

Charlotte Ruff
Again, Charlotte is another Youtuber which I have recently started watching. If you love Disney, you are absolutely going to LOVE her videos. She travels to Disney World quite often and always records her days in the greatest place on earth. She does weekly vlogs too and many other types of videos. Go and check her videos out if this sounds like it’s up your alley! She is at 19,000 subscribers and growing, go and give her some support!

Ebony Day / Our Tiny Tribe
If you’re into all things baby, this is definitely a YouTuber you want to be watching right now! Ebony has just had a bub, so pretty much all her videos right now are baby related. She has gone into a lot of detail about her experience with being pregnant and giving birth, if you’re interested in this then definitely give her a watch. When she does have baby videos, it’s all about her and her fiances adorable dog and casual vlogging. Go give her channel some love, as well as her family channel My Tiny Tribe

Emma’s Rectangle
Emma is great and does the most amazing make-up! Her videos are vlogs, weekly vlogs, beauty and fashion videos. I honestly wish I could do make-up as good as her, though if I did I would never want to wash it off! She is also a very honest, friendly and down right awesome person! Go give her channel a watch!

Erik The Electric
Now this channel is a bit different than the normal ones I would watch. Erik is an epic competitive eater and can fit ridiculous amounts of food in his body. He has done a 50,000 calorie challenge, a 60,000 calorie fruit and vegetable challenge and so many others! He is also very much into power lifting and cycling, so he videos a bit of this too. If you like mukbangs/eating show videos, you will definitely love this guy. He is pretty funny and sarcastic too which is always enjoyable, check out his channel and see his eating skills for yourself.

Gabrielle Lindley
This channel is mainly about beauty, lifestyle and homewares with her cute cat Nellie. Gabby lives by herself and is super creative. Her videos are so chill and are great to put on in the background. You will learn a lot about make-up here! Go check her out for yourself and see what you think!

Jade Billington
I have been watching Jade for a little while now. She seems like such a sweet and lovely person and I really enjoy watching her videos. She does Primark hauls, a bit of make-up and general day vlogs with her husband Matt and her adorable cat. She is obsessed with Disney, so if you’re into Disney too, Jade is a definite YouTuber to watch. Her and Matt go to Disney World quite often and always vlog their experience. Go and give her a watch!

Just Jodes
Where can I start about Jodes… She is such a lovely, inspiring, down to earth person. She is always promoting self-love which I think is such a good thing. She is literally always smiling. If you’re having a down day, I would really recommend Jodes videos. She mainly does make-up and fashion videos, and sometimes vlogs. I highly recommend her channel.

That is all my recommendations for now, I will be doing another blog for even more channels you should be subscribed too, these are just my favourites right now.

(I really hate how it comes up as ‘vlog’ and ‘YouTuber’ not being a word!)

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x


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