My Favourite Place to Visit

So as you know, I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. One of my favourite places to go which is about 40 minutes from where I live, is the Dandenong Ranges, and I just wanted to tell you about it and why it is my favourite place. I love it so much it was the only place I wanted to go for my birthday!

Other than being at home, going up to the mountains is my number one place to visit. There are so many cute cafes, nice parks, bush walks and random shops. I especially like the old fashioned lolly shops. I cannot go to the shops without getting some delicious, warm scones with jam and cream.

There are many different towns to visit: Belgrave, Gembrook, Olinda, Sasafrass and more! Every single time I visit one of these towns I literally always order scones. If you’ve got a sweet tooth there are scones, cakes and so many more mouthwatering desserts to pick from. If you”re more of a savoury lover, there are plenty to things to decide on such as chips, wedges, burgers, sandwiches, wraps and so much more! Grabbing a hot chocolate or coffee is a must-do, especially on a chilly day!

Quite a few parks and reserves are situated in the Dandenongs. One that I’ve been to has a massive waterfall, it is great exercise to walk down the hill to the bottom of the waterfall. There are lots of well looked after parks with pretty flowers, trees and sometimes even animals! I would highly recommend checking these out if you’re ever in the area (I doubt it since most of you seem to be from America & the UK, but that is still awesome anyway!)

Bird Sanctuary
This place goes by the name of Grant’s Picnic Ground, and is quite a large tourist attraction. It is a place to go feed the birds, a cafe and a gift shop. It literally only costs $4 to get some seed and feed the cockatoos, as soon as they know you have food, they will come down and sit on your shoulder or arm, it is so much fun, and so cheap too! Though if you are afraid of quite large birds, I wouldn’t recommend this one!

Bush Walks
There are endless amounts of walking tracks up in the mountains, the most famous one is called “The 1000 Steps”. The title explains it precisely. I have done this twice in my life and hated it both times, but after doing it I felt very good about myself. It is hard work, but if you’re really into fitness you would absolutely love it! There are many beginner and intermediate walks, so don’t worry!

The shops that stand out to me the most are the lolly shops as well as the bakeries. The lolly shops are awesome because you can pick your own mix which I LOVE doing. The bakeries… oh my gosh, I have had the best cookies from there (I still really love Subway cookies though..) and yo-yo biscuits! There is usually gluten free options which is always a great thing, if you are gluten intolerant. There are lots of antique and gift shops for all you shopping lovers too, and a variety of different shops, depending on the town.

That’s all from me today, if you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Thanks for all the love!

Chelsea x

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