February Faves

Welcome to my first monthly favourites blog!

February has come and gone, about ten times quicker than the length of January don’t you agree!? Today I have decided to post some of my favourite things throughout February. Some of these are new, and some I’ve had in my life for a while. It’ll be a mixture of all different things, I hope you enjoy!

Google Chromecast
I have been using a Google Chromecast for so long now. They are so great and are so inexpensive. You can use these to watch YouTube or Netflix on your TV from your phone, iPad or computer. It is such a great invention and definitely worth the money. If you don’t already own one, I would highly recommend trying one!

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns
My god, I was SO excited to discover these at my local supermarket. I love hot cross buns, but at the moment I am currently gluten free. You can get ones full of fruit (my fave) or ones with no fruit if you’re not a fan. They weren’t even that expensive which I was surprised at. Though I am sad as we recently moved out and had to empty out the fridge and freezer, and my boyfriend threw my gluten free hot cross buns right into the bin. Don’t worry though, he has promised me to buy some more, phew. If you are gluten intolerant, coeliac or are currently on a gluten free diet, these are a great buy. Yeah yeah, they’re not the same as normal hot cross buns, but they are pretty damn freaking close.

Eye Masks & Earplugs
No, I’m not talking about some weird facial/beauty/make-up product, I am talking about actual eye masks that you put over your eyes to block out light. These are absolutely great if you are tired AF and your partner wants to stay up and read or something, you can just put your mask on, pop your earplugs in, get comfortable and fall asleep. Earplugs are amazing for blocking out most noises like rude, loud neighbours, the TV going in the other room and your snoring partner. I have been using ear plugs for quite a while as I  have to be in complete silence to fall asleep, but have only just recently been using an eye mask. You can purchase eye masks from most general retail stores (Kmart, Target, Big-W if you’re in Australia) and you can get earplugs from chemists.

Pink Converse

Oh my gosh, these are absolutely amazing. They hurt me so much at the start, but once I wore them in, they are so great. I was originally planning to purchase some basic white converse, but I walked into the shoe store, and staring right at me was these pretty as light pink converse. There is not too much else to say about these, but they go with most things (surprisingly) and you might get some compliments on them!

Hot Chocolates

pexels-photo-239584Recently I have been super obsessed with hot chocolates, since giving up coffee. I have been caffeine free for about 6 months now. I was never the biggest fan of coffee in the first place, I had 1, maybe 2 a day. It wasn’t hard for me to quit, but I did for health reasons and anxiety. My naturopath gave me the go-ahead to drink hot chocolates which I was stoked about. I personally love hot chocolates from cafes, but I have to say I make a pretty damn good one with my milk frother, milk, Cadbury Hot Chocolate Powder and marshmallows. My favourite cafe for hot drinks and frappuccinos is Gloria Jeans (practically the Australian version of Starbucks, but not as extravagant)

Body Shop Honey Bronzer
I recently saw Jade Billington use this in one of her vlogs, and she was saying how much of a good product this was and how glowy it made your face. I decided to go to the Body Shop while I was out and picked myself up one. I have to say, yes, it does make your face glowy, but not overly which is perfect. It’s really good for adding some colour into your face and giving you more of a natural look. I now use this is my basic everyday make-up routine. They also have different shades to suit your skin tone.

Fruit Tingles
Ok so this is a bit of a silly one, but these things get me through the day. No, I’m not talking about the alcoholic drink (surprisingly), I am actually talking about the sweet. At work, after having my hot chocolate and lunch, I usually start to crave sugar in the afternoon, so I just suck on these things. You can get them from the supermarket, petrol stations, convenience stores and probably various other places! They’re not that bad for you so it’s great for getting rid of your sugar craving and not taking in too many calories.

These are all the favourites I have for now, I hope you enjoyed reading! Please leave your current favourites in the comments below, and I will catch you in my next post!

Chelsea x



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