Book of the Week / 6

Here we go, yet another book of the week! As I’ve said before, I read every night before going to bed as it relaxes me and helps me sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping at all, this is a really good thing to do to help you out. I’ve been that tired lately that I haven’t really got through much reading so please don’t be annoyed if I skip a book of the week! This weeks book is:

6 / FINAL GIRLS by Riley Sager


I read this book a little while ago, I found it in a book shop and loved the cover and outside of it as it is all pink! Even the edges of the pages. My expectations of this was pretty high when purchasing as the blurb really drew me in. I am a big fan of mystery, murder, secrets, thriller genres of books. I also like drama and romance. The genre of this book is definitely thriller/mystery/horror.

The main character of the book is Quincy. She went away with some friends and came back alone, she was the survivor of basically a horror movie. After this, she became a member of a club know as ‘Final Girls”. The dreaded place where this event unfolded was Pine Cottage. The man that did the damage, Quincy refers to him, as ‘him’. There are two other girls that are also in the club, that no one wants to be in. Other that her past, Quincy has a pretty good life. She has a fiance, a nice apartment, a baking blog and a great friendship with the police officer that saved her life on that terrible night. She is also on medication that helps her to forget her past, I don’t blame her. Some twists happen in this book, I don’t want to say much else as I definitely do not want to spoil it. You will have to read this for yourself to find out the events that unfold in this page turning horror book! Find out more about it here and other peoples thoughts.

I give this book a 8/10

I honestly think I will read this again in the future. When there is quite a lot happening in a book I start to struggle to follow it and understand. So I like to read books a few times so I can fully understand the story and plot.

If you’re into thriller, mystery, horror or drama books, this one is a must-read for you.

Don’t forget to comment below on your thoughts, and also if you’ve read this book and what you thought of it.

Thanks again for reading my blog!

Chelsea x

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