Current Favourite Vloggers 2

Hi everyone, if you haven’t read my previous Current Favourite Vloggers I’d suggest you do that now, or after this one, whatever! I have decided to do a part two, as I watch a lot of different YouTubers! There may even be a part three… spoiler alert! Anyway, lets get started on who I love watching right now!

Lucy Wood
Lucy is just great, I’d love to be friends with her in real life if I could. She is so chilled, down to earth and I relate to her a lot. She is obsessed with Harry Potter which is always a bonus. I have read some of her book recommendations and have not been disappointed. She does a lot of beauty, hauls, and journal videos. If you like these things I’d suggest you should subscribe!

Naomi Victoria
Naomi seems to be the perfect girl that I would want to be. She is stylish, friendly and sophisticated. She does hauls, vlogs and beauty videos. She also loves her home ware and Starbucks. If you like this stuff, definitely go and check her out here

Shane Dawson
I bloody love Shane Dawson. His videos are absolutely hilarious, his boyfriend and friends that he makes videos with are also hilarious. He goes above and beyond for his subscribers. I laugh in every single one of his videos, he does the most bizarre things and has the funniest ideas. I honestly cannot explain the types of videos he does as they are all different, but one type is conspiracy theories which are so addicting to watch! Go have a look at his YouTube here

Amazing Phil & Daniel Howel
These two are the first YouTubers I ever started watching, and I still watch them to this day. They do hilarious gaming videos together and also separate videos which are also a good laugh. I sometimes go back and watch their old videos and laugh at them again. Go and check Phil’s channel, Dan’s channel & their gaming channel 

Becca Rose
Wow, Becca’s life is amazing and she is stunning. She also has a cute pug named Rupert. She seems to live a very glamorous life, and uploads weekly vlogs, beauty videos and hauls. Her make-up is literally always perfection. Go and check her out here

Cherry Wallis
If you like Harry Potter you will love Cherry’s videos. I swear literally everything she owns is Harry Potter, she has the most unique items. She makes DIY videos as well as hauls and vlogs. Again, if you’re obsessed with Harry Potter, you will be obsessed with Cherry’s videos

Louise Pentland
Louise tells it how it is. She talks about the things a normal girl wouldn’t, it is so great. She is so easy to relate with. She has recently had a baby, and she already has a 6 year old daughter. If you’re a Mum yourself, Louise would be great to watch. She does all sorts of videos like vlogs, beauty, home ware, hauls and cleaning. Yes, cleaning, a lot of people are into that! Though I have to say, I am not really. Go give her a watch! She also loves pink!

Fabulous Hannah
Hannah spices up her videos with a bit of humour. She is really into beauty, fashion and food. She also does vlogs at times too which is fab. Another thing she does is baking videos, and they are always hilarious. I think she is a bit hard on herself though as most of the time she ends up doing a good job! Go give her a watch if you think you’d be interested!

Grace Victory
Wow. Self-love is a huge part of Grace’s videos. She talks about meditation and looking after yourself first, no matter what anybody things. She talks about loving your body no matter what, and she is full of positivity. If you are feeling down, or happy, her videos are so good to watch. They never fail to make you feel better about yourself. Grace’s videos are definitely different to what I usually watch but they are really good. I have also purchased her book and I cannot wait to read it, I will do a review on it once I’ve finished it. Be sure to give her videos a watch!

Mark Ferris
Last but not least for this post, is the YouTuber Mark Ferris. He is super good friends with Zoella, and whenever they get together in a video it is non-stop laughter. I would love to have a friend like that. Mark is such a positive person I can hardly believe it’s real. He does all sorts of videos such as vlogs, chatty vids, hauls and more, check him out on YouTube here

That is all I have for today everyone, I will be definitely doing a third one of these in the near future, so stay tuned for that! Don’t forget to leave your favourite YouTubers in the comments below, and make sure you have a great week!

Chelsea x

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