My Career Story

**Warning, may be triggering**

I am going to write about how I got to the job I have today, after being suck in some dodgy jobs.

My very first job was at a fish and chip shop, aka a takeaway shop. It sucked. It did help me save a tiny bit, it took me ages, but I got there in the end. I’m pretty sure the pay was lower than minimum wage, and the boss paid cash in hand, he was dodgy, and also very sexist. He paid the guys more than the girls, I found out just before I quit. I was there for 2 and a half years. I was fed up. I was always stuck on the register and he would never let me do anything else, it was pretty much a dead-end job. I managed to save to buy my first car, which was good I guess. I don’t think the minimum wage and sexism though was worth it. Appalling, really.


After I quit, I was job hunting for a couple of months. I managed to get myself a job at a small cafe. I served customers, made coffee and cleaned. The job sucked, the customers were just as bad and pretty much all of the girls I worked with were bitches. Notice there I just said girls? Yep, another sexist boss, but the other way around. He only hired girls, and actually ended up going to court for sexual harassment. Which is absolutely disgusting, though I am not surprised. Thankfully after 3 months he didn’t want me working there anymore. Not going to lie, I was pretty happy about this. Having two jobs in hospitality taught me how much I absolutely hate hospitality. I was going to quit shortly if he didn’t let me go. This job made my anxiety through the roof, and I dreaded going there each time I had a shift, which was about 4-5 times a week. Free coffee and cake for sexual harassment? No thanks.

Another couple of months later, I got myself a job at a t.shirt printing company. This was my first full time job. Boy oh boy was this an eye opener. Never complain to people that work full time about being tired, they are telling the truth. I did all sorts of things here like administration, production, and was left alone most of the time to get work done. I was the only employee, others had come and gone. I worked my butt off for this guy, and then he decided he didn’t want me there anymore. I was working for him for almost two and a half years. I was so angry, but there wasn’t much I could do.


I had a few months off which was nice, and then I finally got a great job in a call centre. This isn’t your average call centre, 95% of calls have a friendly person at the other end. I worked here for a year, the people are amazing and so supportive. After this, at the same business, I started working as an Executive Assistant, and now I am an Admin Support Officer, full time, and it is a permanent job and not on a month to month contract! I absolutely love it, and know now that I am much better suited for an admin job rather than any job I’ve had. My team are so lovely and supportive, and I finally feel important and wanted in a job. I’m aiming to keep climbing from here.

A lesson I’ve learned is that you have to start at the bottom to eventually get to the top.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know of your current job below!

Have an amazing weekend everyone,

Chelsea x

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