Blogs You Need to See

I thought I would finally mention some of my favourite blogs and why you need to check them out! I hope you all had a great Easter and still have heaps of chocolate left over! I didn’t get any chocolate as I am currently not allowed to eat it (kill me) and alternatives are just so hard to find. If you know of any chocolate that is gluten and soy free, please let me know!

The Little Blog of Vegan
Wow, you just need to see this blog, even if you’re not vegan. The recipes Holly make look absolutely stunning. She puts so much work into her blog and Instagram every single day. She mainly does sweets such as cakes, cupcakes, buns, scones, biscuits and macarons. She posted these yummy looking cupcakes for Easter and hot cross bun cookies. There is so much more where these came from, and they all look god damn delicious. I am not vegan myself, but I would definitely try all of these recipes! As well as food, she also posts things around beauty, lifestyle and reviews, all based around the vegan concept. She has about 40,000 follows on Instagram now, with the work she puts in she deserves so much more!

Naomi Victoria
Older sister of Holly (Little Blog of Vegan), Naomi concentrates on a different blog idea, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle and DIY. I think she has amazing style sense and can do her make-up incredibly well, although she says different! She also does videos on YouTube as well as posting on a blog. A great blog if you’re into all that girly stuff! Naomi is also a lovely person and definitely worth a follow.

Poppy Deyes
Poppy, the sister of my favourite YouTuber, Alfie Deyes, has great, simple and pretty blog. She focuses on things like travel, food and lifestyle. She loves photography and is excellent at it also (I wish I was that good!) which makes her blog look even better. Her and her boyfriend have recently travelled to New Zealand and she blogged about it. She has some easy and yummy looking recipes, and great fashion and beauty ideas.

Hello October
This blog is run by a girl called Suzie. She is a YouTuber and does many other things. Her blog is very sophisticated. She loves writing posts about clothes, life, beauty and home wares. As you can tell, these are the sort of blogs I am into as they are interesting and cool to me. She is excellent at photography, and once again, I wish I was that good. Go have a look at her blog if it fancies your interest!

Brighton Girl Problems
She has some hilarious posts on here, and I love the way she writes and produces her stories. The girl behind this blog currently remains anonymous, no one knows her name or even know what she looks like. Quite recently she has done some posts on what she calls Tinder Diaries’. These are based on her dating life, and she has some great stories to tell. Tinder Diaries has been my favourite thing she has done. She is also really into fashion, beauty and books, as portrayed on her blog. I hope to know her name and what she looks like one day.

Grace F Victory
As well as having a YouTube channel, Grace has a blog. She is such a positive and inspiring person. She is all about self-love and looking after yourself  the best you can. If this means going down to the shops dressed up and doing a full face of make-up everyday or if it’s being snugly in your pyjamas while sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix with a block of chocolate, just do what you need to do to feel comfortable and confident with yourself. You definitely should check out her blog and read some of her tips.

Brogan Tate
I seriously love watching Brogan’s videos, same with reading her blog. She focuses on things like beauty, lifestyle and travel. I love seeing her travel experiences and her clothing hauls. She also has really good tips and tricks that can help you with life. I feel like I related to her, which is another reason why I love reading her blog and watching her videos.

That is all I have for today everyone, I hope you enjoyed these and it would be really good if you checked out this different blogs! I am not sponsored or anything, would be good if I was though! Enjoy your day!

Chelsea x

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