The Move

Finally all done! I have finally moved out (for the 3rd time in 6 months..) and I hope to not be moving again for a year or two now. Moving sucks, I do not recommend.

What I am most excited about is that we can finally get pets! Woohoo! I will be getting a cockatiel (a very, very late birthday present from my other half – he said I couldn’t have one until we were settled, which is fare enough, because it would be stressful for the bird). Everyday for just over a month now I have been asking him if I can get my cockatiel yet, to be an annoying girlfriend and everything lol. Down the track, we are planning to get a puppy of our own, but in the mean time I will have a bird to have my full attention on.

I have loved birds from a young age, and had many while growing up. The first birds I had were 2 budgies, one blue (Bluey – an original name, I know), and one green/yellow, named Tiger. One night it was super windy and their cage blew over. When we woke up in the morning they were gone.

After having budgies, I got another, as well as a yellow finch, which I named Tweety of course (I was obsessed with Tweety as a kid) and the budgie was blue/purple named Sparkle. One day my Dad was cleaning their cage and they escaped, we never saw them again.

A little while after this, we got a cockatiel. By far the smartest bird we have had. He was mostly yellow with a bit of grey, and his name was Chuckie. I remember we picked him out, and I wasn’t allowed to have him for another week, it was one of the hardest weeks ever. On a very sunny and beautiful day, we put his cage outside so he could get some fresh air. Obviously my dog, Milly, was jealous, so she decided to jump up to his cage, and knock it over. We ran out the back and he was long gone. Again, we never saw him again.

Quite a time after this, we decided to get a pair of love birds. A girl and boy, called Henry & Daisy. They were cute, but didn’t like being affectionate with us. They always bit us too which was annoying. We couldn’t let them out of the cage as they would fly everywhere. We felt sorry for them always being stuck in there, so we decided to give them to a kindergarten for the kids to enjoy. It was pretty hard, but we knew it was the right choice. I haven’t had any birds since.

I am sorry, this has turned into more of a post about birds! I’ll get to the move process now! So my and my other half stayed with my Mum & Dad for a month, just until our new house was ready. We couldn’t really relax in this time as we weren’t settled, has anyone else ever felt like that?

Most of our things were already in the garage at the new place which made it soooo much easier. We kept our essentials with us – clothes, toiletries, make-up (for me) etc. It is still hard work though. Moving everything around, carrying furniture and boxes up stairs, I could go on an on! It has taken us a whole weekend to have everything settled, but it’s finally almost done.

We have our own room, with a queen bed, bedside tables, set of drawers and a TV to watch much Netflix! We also have our spare/chill room, which includes my dressing table/desk, my boyfriends desk with computer, our big TV and bean bags. I love both rooms and I am very happy with them. We have a bath so I can finally have one with all the bubbles and bath bombs – just like a lot of people from YouTube and other blogs!

During this time, I have been super moody (not like me), going from angry, sad and happy. My anxiety has been through the roof. I suffer from anxiety, and have for quite a while now, I still struggle to control it. Moving and change can really affect your mental health, but you will get through it. I will do an anxiety/depression post some time in the future. Honestly, I haven’t found a way to deal with it yet, but I will get there.

We are so happy to finally be settled – like we belong somewhere.

Chelsea x

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