Meet My Bird!

IMG_0657Hi everyone, I thought I would jump on here and introduce you to my new cockatiel, named Tofu!

He is a white/grey cockatiel and I bought him from a breeder. He is only 8 weeks old and so very cute.

We got him from a breeder located on the other side of the city, so it was a bit of a drive to get him, as at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a lot of breeders selling cockatiels in our area. We purchased a nice white cage, toys and lots of food for him.

The first day we brought him home, he was quite scared, frightened and uncertain. This is totally understandable since he has been removed from other birds to now being by himself. He has been hand reared, so he will hop onto our fingers.

He is slowly getting used to us and the things around him. He sits on my shoulder and loves to chew my earrings. He is now giving kisses which is absolutely adorable. He is also finally playing with his toys in his cage which is great. One thing he loves to do it eat. I get him up in the morning, eating. I put him to bed at night, eating. He just doesn’t stop. Because he is eating all the time, he poops a lot too, so you have to keep a lookout if he is on your shoulder!

He also loves sitting on my head, as he feels like he is up a lot higher. To top it off, he has marked his territory on my head, twice! Luckily it was hair washing day!


It has taken about a week for him to get used to us. He now knows that we are not a threat and aren’t going to harm him. He has just started letting us rub his head and neck, and he absolutely loves it, he also makes a little sound like a chick, it is adorable. When we are in the room, he wants to be on us at all time, he makes a bit of noise and flaps around until one of us lets him out on our shoulder, it’s so funny.

With time I think he will show more of his personality, I’ll probably do an update post about Tofu!

Chelsea x

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