The Places I Most Want To Travel To…

Hi everyone! Travelling is on my mind right now. Working full time gets old fast, and then all you think about it getting away for a bit. I’ve been thinking about the places I most want to visit and why! I hope you enjoy, and also get some travel ideas and inspiration!

America is the absolute main place I would love to visit. Once I do start planning to travel oversea’s, the USA is the first place I want to visit, and these are the areas I really would love to explore:

  • Disney Land (Orlando, Florida)
    I watch way too many Disney vlogs, and the more I watch, the more I want to go! It just looks absolutely incredible and surreal. I want to go on all the rides and play all the games, eat all the food and watch the fireworks! Calories don’t count at Disney Land, right?
  • Times Square (New York)
    I think it would be absolutely amazing to see all the lights and colours of Times Square. It would be so great to head off on a massive shopping and food spree, and see famous Friends (the TV show) locations, as well as locations from many other movies. These places include the Friends apartment block and Central Park.
  • Universal Studios 
    I am a fan of television series and movies (isn’t everyone!?) so I feel like I would be a fan of Universal Studios. I feel like there would be so much to do and see.
  • Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)
    I think whenever people visit the USA, they just have to stop by the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco was also the spot where my all time favourite movie was filmed (The Princess Diaries – don’t judge me). I love how hilly it is and how silly it was to build a city on it.

I have recently been watching Zoe, Alfie, Sean, Mark & Joe’s vlogs from being in NYC for a week to celebrate Zoe’s Birthday, and it just seems like so much fun there, and it looks like there’s so many amazing food and shopping places.

The second place I would like to travel to is Europe, including the UK.

  • UK
    I would really like to visit London and Brighton. The shops over there seem so much better than Australia (yes, I like shopping!). I’d like to go to all the cool cafes, and visit the famous Brighton Pier. A heap of YouTubers that I watch live in London and Brighton, so I see a lot of things in their videos.
  • Amsterdam
    I watch a vlogger who is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam. Again, it looks like the shops are great, they have many different foods and food places and it just looks very pretty.
  • Paris
    Of course, I would like to see the Eiffel Tower in person, and go up to the top. Paris is apparently the romance capital, so visiting some romantic places would be great. I believe you have to watch out for pick-pockets, that would be the only downside of travelling to France!
  • Berlin
    Berlin looks so pretty. That is the main reason I want to travel here, there isn’t really much else to explain!
  • Scotland
    One of my really good friends from high school was originally from Scotland. She lived in Australia for quite a few years, and made the decision to go back there to live. I’ve seen her once since she’s lived back there, as she came to Australia to visit friends. I would like to go there to see her mainly, and of course, explore the towns.

These are the places at the top of my list, I’m sure once I do travel, there will be more added on! Thanks for reading, pop a comment down below of the places you want to travel to!

Chelsea x


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