I Stopped Eating Sugar – My Experience

So I’ve been pretty ill for over two years now with tummy problems. To this day I still have no freaking idea what is causing these issues. I have gone to many doctors, seen specialists, have had heaps of blood tests, been on tons of different medication and had procedures done, been on special diets and still, nobody knows what’s wrong.

My Naturopath has suggested that I go off all sugar. This includes chocolate, lollies, sauces, soft drink, processed foods, cakes, even flavoured potato chips, the list goes on. I just want to mention, as well as not eating sugar, I am also unable to have gluten/wheat or soy.

I have the biggest sweet tooth, so I knew this was going to be a difficult one for me. Each day I went through without something sweet, I wrote how I was feeling that day. My boyfriend decided to quit with me to help make it easier for me. He is such a gem! Here is my experience with giving up that sweet, sweet sugar:

Day 1
I got through the day with ease. I was literally shocked about this. I don’t know what else to say about Day 1, but I had no sugar cravings whatsoever!

Day 2
I passed the day without sugar with flying colours! Again, surprisingly. I was at work too, and my work has chocolates everywhere and other sweet treats which are a constant temptation. Weirdly, my boyfriend was struggling by this day. He doesn’t have a sweet tooth like me, but always has sugar in his coffee and drinks soft drinks. He ended up having to have a little bit as he was getting dizziness.
I was starting to feel a bit agitated in my afternoon meeting at work (to be fair, it did run 30 minutes over time) I was just plain hungry, not craving sugar, so I had a couple of mixed roasted nuts (cashews, almonds, macadamias, hazelnuts and pistachios) and that fixed me right up.


Day 3
Still not craving sugar. I started finding I was less hungry in the morning, which is weird for me. I was already feeling less bloated and like I had a flatter stomach.

Day 4
Still going strong. I was craving pizza more than anything to be honest. I have found that I’m not mindlessly snacking at night time. I was eating these mini protein balls that I found at the shops, as they have no added sugar, only natural sugar.


Day 5
On this day I was just generally having a hungry day. I felt full but my body wanted me to keep eating because it enjoys it, if that makes sense? I wasn’t hungry for anything sweet, just anything savory that I could get my hands on. So far I have found I’m not lacking too much energy, I am just a little more tired during the day. By night time on this day I started getting anxiety. I managed to calm down and then go to sleep.

Day 6
I woke up and slowly became anxious. I wasn’t singing in the car which doesn’t usually mean a good thing. It just didn’t really seem to go away. I don’t know if this was because of lack of sugar or just me, as I suffer from anxiety. Still not really craving sugar, just feeling very down and feeling like sugar might make it better.

Day 7

I had an appointment with my therapist, and I felt good afterwards. I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. But then it started pushing down on me again. I was annoyed, angry and grumpy, to the point that I had to find a good alternative to chocolate. I managed to find a small block which used stevia instead of sugar, and had no gluten or soy, which was perfect for me. I ate half the block and felt so much better that I fulfilled my craving.

Day 8

Today I had a meeting to attend at work. I was a little nervous as I didn’t know how I would be feeling. It ended up going well which was good, and we had the meeting catered for so I had some gluten free sandwiches, and I didn’t seem to be craving sugar. When I got home, that’s when the craving started. I decided to cut up a pear and have that, which fulfilled me for a bit until I started munching into potato chips (bad I know!)

Day 9

I had a fairly good, balanced lunch at work this day. I had a taco salad consisting of beef mince, lettuce, cheese & cherry tomatoes (left over from the night before) with a banana and some mixed fruit, nuts and seeds. What do I get for being healthy? Bloating, that’s what. I became bloated by the end of the day. This is something I have suffered with for over two years. It gets so bad to the point I can’t stand up straight or walk. What really upsets me is that I have been following a strict diet and taking so many natural medications to help with this, and I end up getting bloated again. I begin to think it may be from fruit, not actual sugar.

Day 10

Behold, I have woken up bloated again! I had a hair appointment today and had to cancel it due to being in pain. It’s my day off too so I’m stuck at home doing nothing but watching TV, playing games, reading books and napping. Not the worst day you can have, but sucks when you’re in pain. I have made it to day 10 which I am pretty proud of, I think I will celebrate with a gluten free choc chip cookie, or two!

I think it is a good idea to detox your body from sugar for a while, so try it if you’re game! I’m back to sugar now, one of my one true loves.

Chelsea x

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