My Health Condition

So for about 2 years I have been struggling with my health. Including sever bloating (not being able to stand up straight or walk due to pain), not being able to travel due to anxiety & very low energy levels.

I have seen many different doctors, specialists, had heaps of blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds and procedures. Nobody could pin point why I was getting this. I have spent so much money trying to get better and getting no where really. When I get pain again it makes me really upset.
One of the last resorts was to see a naturopath, trying to cure my illness using natural remedies. I was on about 10 different medications and disgusting drinks a day. I felt good for a while but then I just went back down hill again. She believed that it wasn’t a food intolerance, but an imbalance in my gut.
I finally got my naturopath to do a food intolerance test on me. It was a test for 100 different foods, using my blood, and it was $280. I needed to get this done for my sanity. I was really hoping something would come back from it, honestly. I literally forced her to do one on me haha.
A couple of weeks later, I received my results:
  • Milk (very high)
  • Cheddar cheese (very high)
  • Cottage cheese (very high)
  • Mozzarella cheese (very high)
  • Yoghurt (very high)
  • Goat milk (very high)
  • Whey (very high)
  • Casein (very high)
  • Eggs (high)
  • Peanuts (moderate)
  • Sesame seed (moderate)
Each item was on a graph, rated from 0 – no reaction, to 6 – extremely high. So it looks like I am completely intolerant to dairy, and I’ve been eating cheese and having milk most of this time. It wasn’t even normal milk, it was lactose free, but looks like I can’t have that either! Another annoying one is eggs. Eggs are hidden in a lot of things, like cake!! If any of you know any good alternatives to dairy & egg, let me know below. Once I find some items I will blog about them.
I am hoping to god that cutting out these things will help my condition. I found out that one of the medications I was taking even had lactose in it, so I’ve stopped taking them too. I am completely and utterly over being like this and not being able to live my life to the full.
Literally every weekend I get a decent 8 hours sleep over night, but I will have to nap during the day because I am just so exhausted from this. I am struggling at work due to constant bloating pain, and I hate having to take pain killers all the time.
I know it will get better eventually, though I have been waiting 2 years, I really hope the end of this is near….
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.
Chelsea x


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