My Weekend Away from Home

Two weekends ago, I worked in Geelong, Victoria, which is about 1 hour & 30 minutes from where I live. Geelong is locatetd south-west from Melbourne, and is on the coast. I was helping out at an event there, and my work paid for accommodation, meals & travel, which is great. It’s like a working holiday! I worked a couple of hours on the Saturday, and a couple of hour on the Sunday. This was for a really special event that happens yearly at my organisation, and it is in a different location each year. This was my first time working away from home and staying there. I work a basic Monday-Friday, but every now and then I work on the weekends to help out at events etc. This event is to recognise people that have sacrificed their lives to save others. Again, I’m not going to mention the organisation or the event name for my own privacy. I share a lot of things on here, but some things need to be kept private!

I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend come along – he hung out at the hotel while I was working, and also explored the area and hung out with some of our friends that live in that area. To be honest I was excited, but also a little anxious about this trip. I didn’t know the area well, but I was happy to do something a bit different. As soon as we got to the hotel, we sat down in the restaurant/cafe for some coffee/hot chocolate. We arrived at about 9:30am, and had a great drive from home. I started at my work location at 11am, doing a few bits and pieces to help out. We had lunch catered for us which was fab. I finished late afternoon. My boyfriend and I hung out at the hotel for a little while, and then went for a walk to go and find somewhere for dinner. We discovered a place called “The Barking Dog”, it was quite good and very inexpensive.


I had a massive schnitzel with gravy, as you can see here. My boyfriend had a nacho parma – Unfortunately I am intolerant to dairy & egg so I couldn’t have that. Though I forgot schnitzels are coated in egg and felt like an idiot – and paid for it the next day being bloated & in pain. We walked back to the hotel and watched a movie ‘Why Him’ with James Franco & Brian Cranston – which was hilarious and we loved.

The next day we got up and had a buffet breakfast at the hotel with some of my other colleagues. I only do sweet things in the morning, so all I had was muesli! My boyfriend NEVER eats breakfast – but this was an exception as there was all you can eat bacon & eggs. Working at the event was pretty fun, I quite enjoyed it. I handed out programs to people and also roses, as we were giving them out to. As soon as I finished there – I was absolutely exhausted – and I still had to drive us home! Usually my boyfriend would drive, but this was a business car so I could only drive it.

We got caught in terrible traffic on the way home, and it took us 30 minutes longer than it usually would. As soon as we got home, I got comfortable and watched some YouTube & Netflix. I slept like a baby that night as I was so exhausted. I started work later the next day thankfully. I worked Saturday to Thursday, and had to have Friday off as I would have been working 7 days in a row which is extremely discouraged.

I got heaps of time in lieu for working over this weekend (for every hour we work – we get 2 hours off to use whenever we want) which I was really glad about.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post, I wanted to do this one as it was quite a different weekend for me. Usually weekends consist of going to the shops, cleaning the house and chilling out watching TV or playing games, I’m pretty much an 80 year old woman.

Chelsea x

(I’m not 80 – I’m 24)

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