Book of the Week / 8

This book is as real it can get. Grace covers the topics of mental health, eating disorders, love, sex, body image, domestic violence, fashion, hate & inspiration. Grace has experienced it all. Grace is a British YouTuber & blogger, and is such an amazing inspiration. She is a person all girls should look up to. You can follow her on Twitter here, and see for yourself how much of an incredible person she is. The topic she covers the most is self-love, which we can never get enough of in this world.

With so many 4 star plus ratings on Goodreads, you can see why this book is such a big hit. Grace is not one for hiding, and I admire that. Being able to put yourself out there while struggling with issues is a big thing. She tells it exactly how it is in her book.

7 / NO FILTER by Grace Victory


In this book, Grace shares her incredible and inspirational story. Growing up in a troubled household filled with violence, and battling with depression and anxiety, she talks about how she has overcome it and learned to love herself as she is. At one point in her life, she hit an all time low with years of self-loathing and self-destruction. Thankfully therapy, amazing friends and an award winning blog, she has rebuilt herself up again. She has now become an inspirational role model for youths.

You may find yourself going through several emotions while reading this, such as anger, guilt, sympathy, happiness humerus and relief. Grace is now able to speak openly about her personal battles, and explains them in this book. I loved it from the start to the very end. It is like a life lesson in book form. It is intense, but also very relateable, useful and important.

I rate this a 10/10

Read more about Grace’s book on Goodreads

Chelsea x

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