Drug Store Haul

IMG_0600Got to love drug store sales! Priceline have a 40% off all cosmetics sale twice a year. I am subscribed to their emails so I know exactly when the sale is going to be! I also have a Priceline card – for however much you spend each quarter of the year – they will send you a voucher. The more you spend – the higher amount voucher you get!

I usually try not to purchase any make-up until the sales are on – the first half of the year, I went a tad crazy, I will show you all the items I purchased. All of these things usually would have cost $200 for the lot. With the sale, they only cost me $50!!

I am pale AF so everything I get to do with foundation, concealer is always in the lightest colour I can get. Sometimes it’s still not light enough so I have to use my Body Shop white foundation to mix into it to make it lighter.

Nyx Wonder Stick


I have tried this out only once, but I haven’t been out with it on to see how it goes with all day wear. It seemed to be pretty good, and blends out well. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have quite dry skin.

Nyx Tinted Brow Mascara in Brown


I have tried this out a bit, instead of using my normal brown brow pencil. As the name suggests – it is just like mascara for your eyebrows. It is easy to apply – though I usually manage to stuff it up a bit, and then I spend time trying to correct it. So in other words, it’s easy to apply – but not Chelsea proof!

Models Prefer Colour Correcting Mineral Powder


Again, I’ve only tried this out once, and I’m not sure how it goes with all day wear. It seems to look ok, it helps to tone your skin hides redness and dark circles.

Maybeline Super Stay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation in Ivory Light


This is a great everyday wear foundation. It says full coverage, but I never think any foundations are full coverage. Does it cover my spots? No! No foundations ever seem to cover my spots. Is it buildable? Yes! Just watch how much you’re putting on so you don’t turn into a cake face. I would recommend this as a make-up staple.

Rimmel lasting Finish Concealer in Light Ivory


I have been using this everyday. I pop it under my eyes, the side of my nose and on any spots. A lot goes a long way, so you don’t need to apply much of this product. Light Ivory is definitely light, and a good shade for me. Sometimes things say ‘light’ and they are still not light enough, but this product is true to its words. I would recommend this one too as a make-up staple.

Loreal Paris Sexy Balm in Nude/Pink


Haven’t used this one yet, but seems quite hydrating and moist which is a good sign! I find that a lot of lipsticks are very drying, so I don’t tend to wear them too often. The colour is good, a great everyday colour.

Nyx Butter Gloss in Nude/Pink


Just by the name, you know that it’s going to be good. It glides on like butter and the colour is great. I’m not sure how it goes with long wear, but I will be sure to try out soon.

Nyx Cosmic Metals in Dark Purple


I just couldn’t NOT get this product. Glittery purple lip gloss – in my favourite colour! I have not yet worn this out – I feel like I need to build up the courage first as it is a quite ‘out there’ colour for me. I also need a good place to wear it to!

Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil in Honey Nectar


I haven’t used this yet, but the colour looks perfect, as it is a nude colour.

Models Prefer Multipurpose Pencil


I haven’t used this item yet either, it is a light skin colour that can be used around the eyes & lips.

Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation in Light


I’m nut sure about this as it is VERY runny. If you purchase this item, be very careful, as I managed to drip some down my BRAND NEW top. I haven’t been able to get the stain out unfortunately….

I purchased a lot of Nyx! I’m not sure why, I think I was just really drawn into some of their products this time!

Let me know in the comments what new beauty products you have been loving – this can be make-up, hair, skin etc!

Chelsea x

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