An Update on My Bird

We brought home my bird at the start of April 2018, so we have had him for about 4 months now, and he is now 5 months old! How cute.

I did a post on Tofu back in April, you can read it here. His personality has definitely come out more, he is super cheeky! He loves seed a lot – I also mix dried fruit and vegetables into his seed as well, so he gets more nutrients. His favourite treats are seed blocks which include a random food in the middle – such as crushed peanuts, apple, parsley & carrot, and he loves millet.

He has recently learnt to climb, as he wasn’t very good at it when we first got him. He loves climbing all around the outside of his cage. When he is a bit tired and sleepy he likes to be close to me (on my shoulder, arm, leg etc.) and groom. When he is energetic he like to run around the room and nibble on tissues. He also bloody loves cardboard – things like biscuit boxes & empty toilet rolls. One thing he seems to love doing, but I don’t know why – running around on my dressing table, or my boyfriends desk. He has recently learnt how to pull keys out of the keyboard on the computer as well as my laptop – lucky they just click back in!

One day my boyfriend randomly called him Tofu Benedict – this has now stuck an it is his middle name. Tofu absolutely adores head scritches! Though, he doesn’t like being touched anywhere else, like his belly or back. He also isn’t a fan of being picked up/held – but I am trying my best to have him get used to it. Does he like having a bath? Hell no! He hates water which makes it difficult when it comes to bath time! The first time we gave him a bath he was very angry and looked very sorry for himself, I think that was the longest I have ever seen him sit in the same position in his cage.


I love how he absolutely adores me. I am his Mum and he knows it. He comes to me for comfort and safety, and will go to my boyfriend to play games and have some fun. I love the way he looks up at me into my eyes, it’s just so adorable. I’m so happy with how tame he is – he just loves people and wants to be with them all the time. When I leave the room where his cage is – he starts tweeting for a bit, telling me to come back and it is just so cute – but I have to say, sometimes it gets annoying!


He has fallen asleep on me a few times and it is absolutely adorable – though when it happens I cannot move a muscle as I will probably wake him up!

Just recently he has started making different tweeting noises to his normal – it can get very high pitch – especially when he does it right in my ear… but I have a feeling he might actually start talking soon! The average time for cockatiels to start talking is 8 months old, it will be so fun to teach him some words and sentences!

That’s about all I have to update you on, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Chelsea x


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