Lip Plumping Balm & Lip Gloss – Review & Purchase

Hi everyone! Just to let you know – I am now a business owner! Yes, I have begun the journey of owning my own business. I work full-time, and also blog as well, if you haven’t already noticed. I will be selling make-up, beauty & skin care items – things that are right up my alley! The two products I will be talking to you about today, I am offering you 10% off retail!! See links further down in the post to make your order! Oh, and this is available worldwide!

The first product I will be showing to you, if you haven’t read the title already, is a ‘Lip Plumping Balm‘. I have been using this product myself now for just over a week, and I love it. I pair this with my ‘Contouring Lip Gloss‘ in the colour ‘crystal clear’.


First, I’m going to talk to you about the lip balm, and also my thoughts.

This is a 4-in-1 lip balm – moisturising, sunscreen, tinted lip & plumping. It helps your lips look fuller, also while helping them to feel moisturised and soft. It is a smooth sliding texture in response to the temperature of the lips.

You can wear this alone or under lipstick, tint or gloss. It is best not to apply under matte finish lipstick, though, as the formulas don’t work well together.

Key ingredients:

  • Rose Hips Oil – this helps to keep skin soft and smooth, protect and moisturise.
  • Inner Lighting Complex – for luminous skin around the lips with key ingredients Sepilift; Mulberry Root Extract; Kahai Oil; and Hyalurosmooth


On my first week of wearing this, I have been impressed, to put it simply. Each weekday I am usually in a rush to get out of the door, and this is super quick to apply. You definitely don’t have to be precise with it, like lipstick! After applying this I use the lip gloss to really moisten my lips up to make them pop.


After applying for the first time in the day, it will be hours until I have to re-apply again. It leaves your lips feeling soft and moisturised for ages. I have had dry lips my whole life and have always struggled to find a lip balm that actually keeps my lips soft and moisturised. I am also allergic to most lip products which is annoying – but these ones are absolutely fine!


These two products are a match made in heaven, but are also just as great by themselves! if you are interested, let me know in the comments and I will sort out an order for you!

Lip Plumping Balm

This amazing lip plumping balm will make your lips look fuller, plumper and more natural. FREE postage!


Contouring Lip Gloss – Crystal Clear

Contours lips, giving shape and definition. Provides ultra longwearing shine. Supplies antioxidant protection for more youthful looking lips. FREE postage!


I will be showing more products in the future, mainly advertising on here, my Instagram & Twitter, so keep a look out! I will be doing many promotions, just like this one with 10% off!! (which is an amazing deal by the way!)

I hope you enjoyed my talking about these products, and I hope you purchase for yourself and try them out (help a gal out please, I would appreciate it so much!)

Thanks for reading/purchasing!

Chelsea x

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