What I’m Loving This Month / July 2018

It’s that time again for another monthly favourites! There wasn’t too many stand out things this month, but I’ve managed to think of a few! It’s currently mid winter, so we’ve been staying indoors quite a lot – maybe too much – so we haven’t experienced as much this month as we usually would. Without further ado, here is my July favourites!

Vegan Cupcakes


I have found my new love – vegan cupcakes. I have found a cupcake store in my sort of local area – a 25 minute drive away. I believe they have 3 flavours, but I have only tried the vanilla ones, and they are absolutely delicious, and don’t make you feel like shit afterwards! They are so moist and tasty. When every I go to these shops I always buy one – they are $4.80 but I think they are worth it for a nice treat. I have intolerant to dairy & egg so these are a perfect sweet treat for me.

I have recently discovered a cafe at these same shops that offer mini vegan mud cakes & banana cakes. I have tried the mud cake one and it was very good – these were $5.20 I believe!

There is also a cupcake store closer to my home – about a 10 minute drive away and they do yummy chocolate vegan cupcakes for $4, but the vanilla ones from the store further away are my all time favourites.

Chicken Shapes


If you are unsure of what ‘Shapes’ are, they are deliciously flavoured biscuits which many Australians have as a snack. I believe these are just made in Australia, but I could be wrong. I struggle a little bit with finding yummy snacks that suit my diet. Most Shape flavours have milk power in them for some reason? But they have brought out two new flavours – Roast Chicken & Flaming BBQ, which don’t have milk power or egg in them (woohoo!) Chicken is my favourite – I have been munching my way through these a lot lately. (this isn’t sponsored I swear!)

Black Tights


I am always very excited to bring out my warm, thick, black tights for winter to wear with dresses for work! One of the best things is you don’t have to worry about shaving your legs! (TMI I know, but you girls will understand this!) Black tights go great with everything!



Who knew that putting a bit of material around your neck could keep you a lot warmer from the cold? I have recently been wearing a scarf to work – yes, in the office haha. Everyday me and some co-workers venture out to the cafe for coffee – so wearing a scarf is handy for this during winter. I own two favourite scarves – one is white, a bit stretchy and very long, and one which is soft of like a blanket and is very long, the only annoying thing about this one is that it leaves fluff everywhere!



Cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites become a little boring for me, so I like to mix it up a little. What could be better than chocolate with coffee!? I have been having these quite often lately, and I also get hazelnut, caramel & vanilla lattes sometimes too! I know some people aren’t a fan of mochas, but I am definitely not one of those people. A mocha was the first type of coffee I ever tried, so they have sort of stuck with me ever since.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite for July! Stay tuned for my August favourites!

Chelsea x

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