Book of the Week / 10

I have recently finished this book of the week, and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t a fan of the actual main character, though.

This weeks ‘book of the week’ is:

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


So. I found this book very different, but it was very well written. I didn’t really like Eleanor, well, her character anyway. I related to her a bit when she went through her depression phase, but her situation was quite extreme, to what I have experienced. Other than that, I didn’t really seem to relate to her.

Eleanor struggles with social skills (I think she has autism – though this isn’t expressed in the book), she tends to say exactly what she is thinking, and not think about it first. Her weekends are pretty much just frozen pizza & vodka, and one day a week, talking to her ‘Mummy’. She doesn’t have any friends, and that’s the way she likes it and that’s completely fine, or is it?

Quite a bit changes when she meets Raymond (oh my gosh, I loved his character a lot more than Eleanor!) He is the IT person from the place where she works. Herself and Raymond came across an old man who had a fall, they helped him and then the three of them bonded and became friends.

Eleanor was in and out of foster care as a child and had things happen in her past that she hates to think or speak about, and Raymond is the one that helps her through it, along with her therapist.

I was a bit disappointed in the ending of the book, it wasn’t as dramatic and shocking as I thought it would be, but this book was a very good read, and I would recommend it. Though, I always have pretty high expectations when it comes to the ending of a book, can you say the same?

I give this book an 8/10!

Chelsea x

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