Book of the Week / 11

And here we are, at another book review!

I have only just finished this particular book, and have had to start writing about it straight away, it’s always a good idea when it is fresh in your mind.

This particular book is about a 34 year old woman, Kyra, who suffers from memory loss, not being able to remember the last 4 years of her life. She is a Marine Biologist and was in a terrible diving accident, and sustained bad injuries to her head.



Kyra only remembers snippets of the past 4 years. She lives on a island with her husband, Jacob, and has a few close friends. Kyra starts to have visions and dreams, or memories, of her life. She discovers that her whole life is pretty much a lie, and she is devastated.

I was drawn to this book in the book store by its spooky, dark cover. Don’t be fooled by the title. It is nothing to do with Twilight, or in fact, fantasy at all.  When I purchased it, it had a ‘guaranteed read sticker’, so I had pretty high expectations. My expectations were pretty much met. There is so many twists and turns in this, and full of lies. The only thing I was disappointed by was the ending, I felt like it was too rushed. If the ending was slowed down a bit, and answered a few more questions, I would have given this book a 10/10.

Instead I am giving it a


I really thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I read it pretty fast for me! I just didn’t want to put it down most nights.

I got into this book really fast and it was a lot easier to understand than I thought it would be, I thought it would be confusing with the constant going back in time, but it was written in a such a way that it was simple to follow and understand.

This book comes under the genres of thriller, mystery, fiction & suspense, so if you are interested in these genres, I think you would thoroughly enjoy this book.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks book review, let me know in the comments what books you have recently read and enjoyed! I am always up for good book recommendations!

Chelsea x

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