What I’m Loving this Month / August 2018

Hey everyone! It’s time for another monthly favourites – what I’ve been loving over August. Remember to let me know in the comments with what you have been loving!

Nail Polish


I’m pretty lazy when it comes to painting nails/getting nails professionally done. Lately I keep getting urges to paint my nails! I haven’t been feeling too good about myself lately – so one day I decided to pain my nails – to help me feel a bit better, and feel a bit prettier. It did help a little bit, which is good. My favourite colour I’ve been liking is light/pale pink with gloss over the top.


Image result for crispy m&m

Recently I have been able to eat my one true love again – chocolate, and it has been absolute bliss. My absolute favourite I’ve been loving lately is Crispy M&M’s, Cadbury Oreo Chocolate and Nestle Crunch Chocolate. Another one of my favourites is Maltesers.

Whitening Tooth Paste


When you drink coffee and eat chocolate or teeth-staining foods/drinks, you need whitening toothpaste in your life. The one I use is AP-24 Fluoride Whitening Toothpaste. This amazing product brightens and whitens teeth without harmful peroxides. It also provides a long lasting, smooth, clean, fresh mouth feeling. Also, the best thing about this product is that it literally tastes like choc mint ice-cream! Which is my favourite flavour, by the way, but make sure you DO NOT swallow it!

The best thing is, you can purchase it right here below:

Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

Start getting whiter, brighter teeth in only 3 brushes! This price includes FREE postage!


If you have any further questions on these, please leave them in the comments below.

2 Minute Noodles

Image result for maggi noodles

Eating 2 minute noodles is definitely more of a university student kind of thing. They often struggle to pay for day-to-day living expenses, so 2 minute noodles is a great choice for meals as they are quick, easy, inexpensive and filling! I on the other hand work full-time, so the ‘quick and easy’ is definitely good for me! I have also been craving them quite often lately, mainly the chicken ones!

Plumping Lip Balm & Contouring Lip Gloss

You can read about both of these products in one of my past blog posts here. These amazing products go fantastic hand in hand. The lip balm goes on first to help plump, moisturise and tint lips, then the lip gloss goes on afterwards to help shine and moisturise even further! If you would like a more detailed description on these products, please check out my post on them. You can also purchase the products on there, and I will insert a payment section below here. These prices include FREE shipping to where ever you are in the world. Feel free to ask me any questions below in the comments. If you would like a more private conversation, you can message me on Instagram (@alltimechelsea) or Twitter (@alltimechelsea).

Lip Plumping Balm

This amazing lip plumping balm will make your lips look fuller, plumper and more natural. FREE postage!


Contouring Lip Gloss – Crystal Clear

Contours lips, giving shape and definition. Provides ultra longwearing shine. Supplies antioxidant protection for more youthful looking lips. FREE postage!


All of your support means the world to me!

Salted Cashew Nuts

Image result for cashew nuts

I have always loved cashew nuts, they are my favourite kind. Lately I have been liking them even more, salted. I find them a great afternoon snack while your sitting at the desk at work, or as a night time snack after dinner or before bed. They are quite good for you in small amounts. I purchase a large bag of them and they last me ages!

That is all the favourite I have for you today! August has been a busy month for me – let me know what you got up to in the comments!

Chelsea x

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