Current Favourite Vloggers 3

Welcome to the third post of this series! I am going to talk to you about some more of my favourite YouTubers and why. I will also leave links to their channels if you would like to check any of them out!

Lucy Moon

I have been watching Lucy for quite a while now, I like how casual – yet sophisticated her videos are. She talks about taboo subjects which I think is great. Not many YouTubers do this, but it seems that more and more are jumping on the trend.

Niomi Smart

I like how put together Naomi seems. She has just bought a house with her parter, she eats well, travels and does lots of exercise. She is a vegan, and is proud of it, I love to see her recipes. Naomi seems like such a genuine, kind and honest person and that’s another reason I like to watch her. She does videos on food, travel, vlogs & fashion.

Oli White

I find Oli’s videos really entertaining. I have recently enjoyed watching his videos on foods that a certain YouTuber hates – he has a different person in these videos each time, and he gets them to purchase foods they don’t like, and try them on camera. Oli’s little brother James appears in his videos quite often too. I have been watching Oli for a few years now, he does entertainment videos, vlogs and travel videos.

Rachh Loves

So Rachel’s main genre of video is make-up videos & tutorials. I enjoy watching these as I am really into make-up & beauty, and she always adds a bit of sarcasm and comedy into each episode. She is always trying something new too to keep her videos fun and interesting. I am also subscribed to her other channel Rachel’s Life which consists of her trying out life hacks, food hacks and cleaning/decluttering videos which I also enjoy.

Saccone Joly’s

The Sacconejoly’s is a family vlogging channel. It consists of 6 family members – Jonathan (Dad), Anna (Mum), Emilia (oldest), Eduardo (2nd oldest), Alessia (3rd Oldest) and **baby number 4** (youngest). They do plenty of fun family vlogs and videos – they are super child friendly, so if you are looking for something for kids to watch, this is a good channel.

Sean Elliot OC

Sean is the boyfriend of Poppy Deyes – who is the sister of Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog). Before Sean had a YouTube channel, he appeared a lot in Alfie & Zoes videos. He eventually started her own channel and it quickly boomed – with the help of Alfie & Zoe. I enjoy his videos – they’re always fun and interesting like Alfies. He is very creative and is into sneakers & mens fashion.

Soph Does Nails

Don’t be fooled by the name, Soph does not do nails. She used to, though! Soph’s videos mainly focus around baeuty, make-up & fashion. She also does vlogs here and there as well. She gets to be a part of some pretty cool things, so I like to watch her videos and follow her along on her journey.

Sophie Louise

You can’t get through one video without her doing an innuendo of some sort, I find it hilarious. Sophie seems like such a nice person, and I love her style. She has a great taste in make-up, fashion and homewears. Her videos mainlt consist of beauty, fashion & vlogs.

Tanya Burr

I’ve been watching Tanya for quite a while now, and I love her videos. My favourite videos of hers are her vlogs. Her videos are quite sophisticated and I really enjoy them. She does make-up tutorials, fashion videos, baking videos and vlogs. She has brought out two cook books ‘Tanya Bakes’ & ‘Tanya’s Christmas’, I own Tanya Bakes and have made a couple of recipes from it, I can confirm that they are brilliant.

Travis S

Travis makes videos very similar to Erik the Electric. His videos are based around food, food challenges, lifting/exercise and travel. Travis is really creative with his videos and also creative on how he edits them. I enjoy watching his videos as they are short also.

Eleanor Neale

I have been absolutely obsessed with watching Eleanors videos lately! I am really into watching true crime, missing person and conspiracy videos. I find them super interesting! Eleanor does them really well, and she has a cool accent to go along with it. She tells the stories well and also puts in supporting video clips as well. If you are into these sort of videos you NEED to watch hers! Whenever I start watching a video, I am HOOKED the whole time.

Kendall Rae

Another YouTuber I have been obsessed with lately! Kendall also does true crime videos as well as missing person and conspiracy videos. Kendall explains the story really well and shows evidence photos and videos which really lifts the videos. If you are into these sort of videos, or are into Eleanor Neale’s, you will LOVE these videos!
That is all I have for you today! I am always up for other YouTuber recommendations, so leave them below in the comments if you have any! Also, let me know if you like any of these YouTubers!
Chelsea x


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