Trampolining – Story Time

Hello and welcome to another story time! This one starts off a little sad, but ends in humor – how most of my life goes.

I’ve been saying for ages that me and my boyfriend should go trampolining. I have done it before, but he hadn’t. So one day, quite spontaneously, I booked us in for a session that next day. Our booking was for 3pm, so we had the morning and a bit of the afternoon to kill.

I woke up that day in not a very good head space. I was very, very down and feeling negative. We spent most of the morning chilling out, relaxing and drinking coffee – how most of our usual weekends go. I managed to have a shower and get myself dressed and ready to go with minimal effort, no thanks to my mental health.

First we had a walk around the shops to grab a few things before heading to trampolining. I got a cupcake which helped cheer me up a little, but I refused to eat it until after trampolining, as I believe jumping around with a cupcake in your stomach would end pretty badly. You pretty much just need to offer me some sort of sweet treat and that’ll cheer me right up, anyone else?

Finally we arrived at the trampolining place. We purchased our special grip socks and headed out to where the trampolines were. It was really good as they had lockers you can use to store your valuables in, so we used these to our advantage.

I don’t know why but I felt a bit scared jumping around at first – these days I am always scared I am going to hurt myself. I slowly got into it, and it was really fun. But OH BOY was it TIRING! Each jumping session goes for an hour where you are free to jump around all the different sections and do what you please. We lasted literally 30 minutes. We could not go any longer. This is when we realised we are very unfit people.

So, while we were jumping around having fun (before we got super tired), I heard my boyfriend say ‘oh no..’. I asked him what was wrong, and he responded ‘I think my pants ripped..’ he turned around and sure enough, they had! I gave him my hoodie to wrap around his waist so that nobody could see. At this time I was hysterically laughing, my mood sure had changed.

Oh, did I mention the place was practically empty? So we had the entire place literally to ourselves, it was great. When we were getting ready to leave, after our very long jumping session of 30 minutes, My boyfriend asked me to check his pants. I did, and almost the whole leg of his pants had ripped off! Lucky for him, we were heading straight home now.

I secretly hated those pants so I was pretty happy that the moment we got home he literally ripped them off, ripped them up and threw them in the bin.

This was a bit of an eventful day for me, I still remember it like it was yesterday!

Thanks for reading this story time – sorry I haven’t done one in a while! If you would like me to do more of these, please let me know.

Chelsea x

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