Short Story / 1

She suddenly shot up in bed. A very loud ‘bang’ woke her up while she slept deeply under the warm covers in her cool room. She was too scared and nervous to investigate, but something was telling her she just had to. She slowly pulled the covers off herself, and stood her bare feet onto the cold floorboards. She quietly tip-toed to her bedroom door, slowly opening the door and peering out of the crack with one eye.

She didn’t spot anything out of the usual. ‘What on earth was that noise?’ she said to herself in her head. She had a roommate, but they were out of town for a few days visiting family. She suddenly felt very uneasy as this was the first night she had been alone since living in this house for 2 and a half months. She didn’t like being alone.

As she slowly opened the door she felt a slight breeze in the hallway. She looked curiously from side to side. The right side was towards the bathroom, and the left was towards the lounge room and the kitchen.

She built up the courage to go right and investigate the bathroom first. There was nothing out of the ordinary in here, everything was as it was left. She turned around and slowly walked the other way, towards the kitchen. She began to smell a slight burning, gassy smell. She turned to face the stove and it had been turned on. She rushed to quickly turn it off. ‘I haven’t used the stove today..’ she said in her head. This is when she started to feel like she wasn’t alone. She checked everything else in the kitchen. The toaster, the kettle, the sandwich press. All good. Although, the pantry door was open, but there was a very good chance it could have been her, or it just became open on it’s own, as the handle on it isn’t the best.

She turned around to walk back to her room, when she saw a silhouette of someone, or something standing in the hallway. It was in dark grey clothes, had long blonde hair and was wearing black shoes. The silhouette turned around, and this person instantly became familiar to Emily, it was her best friend Natasha, who had died 3 years ago.

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