Short Story / 2

Isabella left school, as she does every day of the week. It was quite a dull, windy day. The temperature was also on the colder side. It was 3pm and she was walking towards the bus stops in the main town, which, lucky for her, was only a kilometer away from her school. A few different buses picked up and dropped off people at this spot. Isabella had arrived at the stop, she stood waiting for her bus, leaning on the bus stop with her headphones in, listening to Lana Del Ray.

She was waiting for about 5 minutes before her bus came. She saw it in the distance coming toward the bus stop, she stood up straight from leaning and slowly walked towards the curb. The bus pulled up, the doors opened and about 4 people got out. She hopped on the bus and it was empty – just the way she liked it. But not for long, she thought to herself. She was sitting on the bus for about two minutes, and in this time the bus had piled up with kids, many of them forced to stand. The bus now started accelerating.

The journey for Isabella took about 30 minutes, depending on traffic of course. She was glued to her iPhone, playing a new game she downloaded called ‘Toy Blast’. 20 minutes had passed, and she finally looked up from her phone. She looked out the window, and took in her surroundings. It took her a moment to realise, this was not her bus route. Her anxiety suddenly shot to the roof. She pressed the buzzer to get off at the next stop, then quickly walked and swayed her way to the front of the bus, to get off. She gave the bus driver a quick thank-you, and stepped off the bus. She only just realised then, that she didn’t recognise this particular bus driver.

The bus dropped her off in a town called Millbrooke. You think she would have been to this area before, as it wasn’t that far from her house, about 50 minutes, but she hadn’t. It was quite a rural looking town. She was still standing at the bus stop, outside of an old looking bakery, post office and bank. If it wasn’t for the bakery, this would be a boring lot of shops. She frantically started searching the buses on her phone, trying to find a way back, when suddenly her phone died. ‘Damn it!’ she yelled. Luckily no one was around. Actually, no. For once in her life she wanted people to be around. She needed help.

She looked at the bus time table, on the bus stop sign, and the times for the next buses had graffiti over them. If there even were more buses due to come, that is. The post office and bank were closed, so she decided to walk into the bakery, to ask the workers how she could get home. The smell of baked bread was overwhelming, but at this time made Isabella a little nauseous, due to her anxiety of being at an unknown place. She walked in the door and a buzzer went off. An old women came out from the back of the bakery and said ‘Hi love, what can I get you?’ Isabella explained her situation to her. The old women had never heard of Isabella’s home town before, Troiton, which Isabella found very strange. The Women said that there weren’t any buses due again for the rest of the day. Isabella asked if she could use their phone to call her Mum, the woman agreed. Isabella put the old-fashioned phone up to her ear. It kept ringing and ringing, until her Mum finally answered. ‘Mum’! She says in excitement. ‘….Isabella?’ Her Mum says back. Isabella also went through the whole story with her Mum also. Her Mum said she would leave work early to come and collect her, that was easy, at least they both thought. Her Mum searched ‘Millbrooke’ in maps, and absolutely no results came up. She even googled it, and nothing. Isabella dropped the phone in shock, and looked over at the old woman, who gave her a slightly evil smile.

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