My Dreams & Nightmares / 14

Welcome to my fourteenth post on my dreams! My list expands most days of the week, so hopefully I never run out of these!

  • My boyfriend and I had been to T2 (a tea shop) and bought tea that was weed flavored, but we didn’t realise it actually had weed in it! We were driving home and we got pulled over by the police, they found it and then arrested us.

    Tea: “To dream that you are making or drinking tea represents satisfaction and contentment in your life. You are taking your time with regards to some relationship or situation. Alternatively, the dream signifies tranquility, serenity, calmness and respect.”

    Weed: “To see or smell marijuana in your dream suggests that you are experiencing an expanded sense of awareness and consciousness. You need to take advantage and draw insight from this new consciousness. The dream may also mean that you need to look on your inner strength for stimulation instead of relying on outside forces.

    Police: “To dream that you are arrested by the police suggests that you feel sexually or emotionally restrained because of guilt. The dream may also be a metaphor that you are feeling apprehensive about something.”

    Arrested: “To dream that you are being arrested indicates issues of control and restraint. Some aspect of your self may have been prevented from fully developing. Alternatively, it suggests feeling of guilt.”


  • I was driving on a highway, going the speed limit. I changed lanes and my car scraped across a red ute. I was annoyed, we both had to pull over. The owner of the ute was annoyed at first, but then became nice. He ended up just walking off and we never got to exchanging details.

    Driving: “To dream that you are driving a vehicle signifies your life’s journey and your path in life. The dream is telling of how you are moving and navigate through life.”

    Highway/freeway: “To dream that you are on a freeway indicates that you are feeling liberated and free. You are well on your way to achieving your goals.”

    Annoyed: “To feel annoyed in your dream represents annoyances that you are feeling in your waking life. Something in your mind is bothering you and you need to express them.”

    Red car: “Red is an indication of raw energy, force, vigor, intense passion, aggression, power, courage, impulsiveness and passion. The colour red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations. Consider the phrase “seeing red to denote anger.” Alternatively, the colour red in your dream indicates a lack of energy. You are feeling tired or lethargic. Red is also the colour of danger, violence, blood, shame, rejection, sexual impulses and urges. Perhaps you need to stop and think about your actions.”


  • My Dad was a train driver, the train tracks were really strange. Different trains were on different levels.

    Train: “To see a train in your dream represents conformity. You are just going along with what everyone else is doing. Alternatively, a train means that you are very methodical. You need to lay things out specifically and do things in an orderly and sequential manner.”

    Dad: “To see your father in your dream symbolises authority and protection. It suggests that you need to be more self-reliant. Consider also your waking relationship with your father and how aspects of his character may be incorporated within yourself.”

    Train tracks: “To see a railroad in your dream indicates that you have laid out a set track toward achieving your goals. Your progress will be slow but steady. You are well disciplined and secure in your life. Alternatively, the dream indicate that you may be too linear and rigid in your thinking. Perhaps a situation or relationship in your waking life has become monotonous. Sometimes you need to go off track and explore other possibilities. To dream that you are walking alongside the railroad tracks signifies completion of your tasks.”


  • I was 4 weeks pregnant, I recall doing a pregnancy test. I then got pregnant AGAIN while already been pregnant – I don’t know how this is possible.

    Pregnant: “To dream that you are pregnant symbolises an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. Being pregnant in your dream may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project ot goal.”


  • I was in a town that had lots of markets, with a group of people. I remember waiting in line for somewhere to get some food. I then remember being in line to go on some sort of water activity course with my cousin.

    Market: “To dream that you are in a market represents some emotional or physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment. Consider the specific items that you are shopping for. Alternatively, the market signifies frugality.

    Cousin: “To see your cousin in your dream represents something or some aspect of your character that is somewhat familiar. Perhaps you need to spend more time in cultivating and developing some emerging ability or character.”

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