Book of the Week / 15

Welcome to yet again, another book review! I picked this one up from Robinsons Book Store quite a while ago, I came across is and thought it looked interesting. This one is a very family tree based book. It sort of reminded me of The Sims in a way, from all of the family connections.
This weeks book is:
FAR FROM THE TREE by Robin Benway
This book is about 3 adopted siblings – who don’t actually know at first that they even have siblings.
Grace was adopted at birth, and lived as being an only child for the majority of her life, until she found out she had two siblings, Joaquin, her older brother, and Maya, her younger sister.
Grace’s world is changed and turned upside down when she falls pregnant at the age of 16 years old. Not knowing what to do, and only being young, she decides to put her baby up for adoption. She made sure to find the perfect couple to adopt her perfect baby. Don’t be fooled, she loved that baby more than anything, and she wanted it to know that she was always wanted.
Maya is her outgoing younger sister, who was also adopted at birth, and was brought up by her adopted parents and a sister, Lauren. She was the only brown haired member of the family, in a family of red heads. When she finds out about having siblings, she can’t help but wonder where she really belongs.
Then there’s Joaquin, their older brother, and the one that had the most difficult upbringing. He was moved from family to family while growing up, and always found it difficult to fit in. He learnt in this time that secrets were best kept close, where they can’t hurt the people around him, only himself.
While reading this book, secrets unravle and family connections become clear. It includes topics such as teen pregnancy, adoption, foster care and alcoholism. Each sibling has their own secrets and their own conflicts.
I have to say, I was hesitant to purchase this book, I had no idea what I would think of it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I am always interested to see where stories go and what will happen. I have to say, not much really happened in this book. Like, there wasn’t much story line to it for me. I just thought more would have happened. It was basically just about three siblings meeting and getting to know each other and their family upbringings. If you are interested in this sort of stuff, I would suggest you give this a read. I feel like this would be a ‘cozy read’.
I give this book a 7/10!
I wasn’t ‘wowed’ by this book. I enjoyed it, but not at much as I thought. This is just my opinion.
The genres of this novel are:
  • Young adult
  • Contemporary
  • Fiction
  • Realistic fiction
Thank you for reading my review, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope this gives you a little bit of depth into the book without giving too much away.
Chelsea x

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