Instagram – Who to Follow?

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well! Today I thought I would go through some of my favourite Instagram accounts. Most of these are YouTubers I enjoy that also take really good pictures and have incredible feeds, but there are also many others. These are in no particular order, lets get started!



Emma’s Instagram is mainly based around fashion and beauty. She looks absolutely stunning in every photo – I wish I was as good at make-up as she is! Worth a follow for quality content if you’re into beauty and fashion!



If you’re into food, or if you’re vegan, you will love Holly’s Instagram! Her food pics are absolutely amazing and you can tell that so much effort has been put into them. She deserves so many followers than she has. She is also absolutely lovely and a very talented vegan cook/baker!



Jade is so down to earth, and is very much into fashion, beauty and Disney! If you love these things, give Jade a follow! She also has an amazing Instagram aesthetic.



I love how dark and mysterious Gabby looks in photos. She takes amazing selfies, and takes lots of pics of her cat which is always a bonus! She is also very much into decor, and is incredible at make-up.



Naomi is the sister of @thelittleblogofvegan – though Naomi takes photos of more fashion, beauty and coffee/Starbucks. Her photos are incredible and high quality, I would highly suggest you follow! Her colour scheme is perfect.



To be honest I don’t really follow thebrightongirl for her photos, I follow her for her hilarious captions, the photos are just a bonus that come with them! If you want a laugh and also want to follow someone that is relatable – check her out! She is anonymous so nobody knows what she looks like, or what her name is.



Lucy is such a good inspiration for body confidence, if you want some more inspiration on this, some general fashion tips, and someone that is relatable, I would give her a follow! She also loves Harry Potter!



If you love Disney, you will love Charlotte’s feed. Everything here is so happy and colourful – it is a good account to follow as Charlotte is very down to earth!



Brogan is a down to earth Instagramer who is pretty upfront and honest about everything – she loves Disney, lifestyle, fashion and beauty – if you like these things go and give her a follow! She is an absolutely lovely person also, and we have a lot in common it is crazy!



I don’t know about you, but I find foxes so cute and funny (the tame ones anyway – I know the wild ones kill other animals which I don’t like!) This Instagram account mainly shows Juniper Fox, Fig Fox and Moose the dog. If you like animals this one is a good account to get all up and personal with foxes – it is guaranteed you will find out some fun fox facts!



Paige’s account is just perfection. Everything is pink, purple and blue – every single photo of hers is just gorgeous. I secretly wish I had a life like hers and with all of her possessions!! Unfortunately I can’t afford fancy things since having a mortgage and having to pay for a wedding..



Suzie is stunning and has amazing fashion & beauty photos on her Instagram. She also travels a lot, and has two Pomeranian which often make an appearance on her feed!



One of my favourite kinds of photos is nautre/forest photos – and Nathanael has just that. I automatically ‘like’ every single photo of his because all of them are right up my alley and I love them a lot. If you are into nature – I would highly suggest this Instagram account!



Poppy has gorgeous pics on her Instagram – including fashion, nature, travel, food & beauty! Again, if you are into these types of pics, give her a follow! She is the sister of Alfie Deyes.



I haven’t been following Alice’s Instagram for very long, but I really like it. She has a baby named Joshua so she posts a lot of baby things, along with many lifestyle pics!



Hannah is pretty stunning. She takes mainly fashion pics, along with beauty & lifestyle. You can definitely get lots of inspiration from her, go and give her a follow!



I have only recently started following Chelsey – she does product pics, bath pics and all things pretty. I think she has only just started out and is very good at what she does, so go give her some support and give her a follow!



Angelica has incredible pics on Instagram – they include fashion and everything pink and pretty. I like every single one of her pictures automatically without thinking because I like them so much. She deserves more followers than she has, so go and give her some support and love!
I hope you’ve got some Instagram inspiration from this post – and also had a counter of how many times I have typed the word ‘Instagram’ haha.
Instagram is probably my favourite social media app. I like things that are visual, and I also love taking photos.
I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think!
Chelsea x


  1. Blueberry Creative Designs

    Great post! I’ll be sure to follow them ๐Ÿ˜Š Thanks for sharing Chelsea, Instagram can be such a great source of inspiration ๐Ÿ‘ Twitter is also a great platform to discover other bloggers, isn’t that cool?

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