Book of the Week / 17

Hey everybody, I have just finished my next book, so again, I thought I would start writing about it straight away while the story and thoughts are still fresh in my mind! I really hope you’re enjoying my reviews, I really like writing them. If you have any book recommendations – let me know!
This weeks book is:
BEHIND HER EYES by Sarah Pinborough
This book is based around 3 main characters:
Louise – A single Mum to 6-year-old Adam, a part-time secretary and stuck in a bit of a modern day rut.
Adele – New in town, in need of a friend and a housewife to David.
David – Married to Adele, the picture-perfect-husband and doctor.
On a rare night out, Louise meets a man in a bar, they kiss, and ever since this moment she has not been able to stop thinking about him. She is absolutely delighted that she has finally connected with someone, after leaving her ex-husband some time ago.
Louise arrives at work as usual for a Monday morning. She meets her new boss, David, the man from the bar. The married man from the bar. They both admit that the kiss was a big mistake, but at the same time they can’t keep their eyes off each other, can’t keep their minds off each other, and they also can’t keep their hands off each other.
Shortly after the incident, Louise bumps into Adele, David’s wife. Adele and David look like the picture perfect couple, but why is David so controlling over her, and why is Adele so scared of him?
As Louise gets more involved in David and Adele’s lives, she uncovers more mysteries than answers. Literally the only thing clear is something about their marriage is very, very wrong. You won’t believe how far Louise will go to uncover their secrets.
Ok, so near the end this book took a weird turn that I wasn’t expecting, and something I wasn’t really fond of either. I thought this book didn’t involve anything ‘fantasy’, but it does. I tend to not enjoy fantasy, the only fantasy thing I like is Harry Potter. I like books that are about real life things. I did like the secrets, lies, and the psychological feel of the book. Definitely wasn’t one of my favourites. I have had a lot of trouble sleeping lately so I got through this book fairly quickly – that’s why there has been so many book posts lately!
Louise annoyed me a bit. Continuously messing around with a married man, and diving into a marriage that was really none of her business. In the end I liked David, but at the start and throughout the middle I wasn’t sure about him – but I think that’s what the author wants us to think. I hated Adele, and she freaked me out.
Apparently is has the ‘best ending of the year’ but to me this is not true at all, and I was greatly disappointed in it. It was actually quite dumb to me.
The genres of this one is thriller, mystery, fiction and suspense. I think they should also add psychological.
I rate this one a 5/10 – I liked the drama and secrets, but not the other part of it.
That is all I have for you today in this review! If I say much more it is going to spoil it!
Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a lovely week.
Chelsea x


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