My Dreams & Nightmares / 17

Sometimes I just can’t understand what goes on in my mind. Welcome to another post where I tell you my weird AF dreams. Let me know some of your weird AF dreams in the comments below – I would LOVE to read them!


We lived near a ski resort, but it was indoors. You entered into a hallway and there were different snow rooms off it. At the end of the hallway there was a pet store. I walked up to it, and for some strange reason the door was unlocked when the store should have been closed. I walked in, and there was a cockatiel in there that I wanted.

Snow: “To see snow in your dream signifies your inhibitions, unexpressed emotions and feelings of frigidity. You need to release and express these emotions and inhibitions. Alternatively, snow means that you are feeling indifferent, alone and neglected.”

Ski: “To dream that you are skiing suggests that you are pushing yourself and putting your mental health and/or physical ability to the test. You are your own fiercest competitor.”

Hallway: “To see a hallway in your dream symbolises self-exploration. It is the beginning of the path that you are taking in life. You are going through a transitional phase and journeying into the unknown. It also signals spiritual enlightenment, emotional growth, physical prowess, new opportunities and mental passages in your life.”

Pet store: “To see or dream that you are at a pet store represents the responsibilities that you are undertaking. Consider also the symbolism of the pet that you see or purchase and how you may need to incorporate certain qualities of the animal into your own self. Alternatively, the dream implies that you are searching for love and acceptance.”

Closed: “To dream that the store is closed signifies your inability to consider other alternatives and other viewpoints. You may be biased in your judgement and opinion. Alternatively, it also represents feeling of inadequacy and frustration. Something is missing from your life.”

Cockatiel: “To see a cockatiel in your dream implies that you tend to wear your emotions of your face. You are not one to hide your true feelings.”


I ran into some of my friends at the local corner shops – they were hanging out, outside the fish and chip shop, working out. There were escalators, bikes and other workout machinery.

Friends: “To see friends in your dream signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself. Alternatively, dreaming of a friend indicated positive news.”

Fish and chips: “To dream that you see a takeout food shop implies that you are looking for some sort of emotional support. You are not spending enough time confronting your feelings or you have avoided your feelings for too long. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that there is something you need to ‘take out’ or ‘take away’ from your life.

Workout: “To dream of someone working out signifies your worries about your health. You may be concerned about fitting into society’s ideals of beauty. Or you just need to get up and exercise more! Alternatively,

Gym: “To dream that you are in a gymnasium indicates that you need to apply what you learned and incorporate it into your daily life. Alternatively, the gym may be telling you that you need to get more exercise.”


I was putting these stick toys everywhere, you could pin them into things and they were all different colours – Fluro pink, green, yellow, orange and blue. For some reason, I put them all over the inside of Dad’s car, as well as people’s houses in the street. Dad approached me about it when he saw them all over the inside of his car. I was keeping my mouth shut, and felt super guilty. I don’t even know why I did it. He knew it was me and I felt horrible and I could tell he was disappointed. I also remember colouring the roads different colours at each set of lights in my home town. I swear I haven’t been playing Splatoon 2 or Da Blob recently.

Sticks: “To see a stick in your dream symbolises the phallus and your attitude toward sex. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on a ‘sticky’ situation or how to need to ‘stick up’ for yourself and your beliefs.”

Toys: “To see toys in your dream symbolises childhood, domestic joy and harmony. You may be searching for the comfort and security of home. It also represents playful attitudes and your childish ways. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that you are ‘toying’ with somebody’s feelings, especially if you are playing together with someone in the dream. Perhaps you are leading someone on.”

Car: “If you are in the backseat of a car, it indicates that you are putting yourself down and are allowing others to take over. This may be a result of low self-esteem or low self-confidence. Overall, this dream symbol is an indication of your dependence and degree of control you have on your life. To see a parked car in your dream suggests that you need to turn your efforts and energies elsewhere. You may be needlessly spending your energy in a fruitless endeavour. Alternatively, a parked car may symbolise your need to stop and enjoy life. “

Guilty: “To dream that you feel guilty about something, related to how you are handling your success and failures or competence and incompetence. You may feel undeserving of your achievements. On the other hand, you feel that you have let others down. Alternatively, the dream is symbolic of repressed and negative feelings that you may have about yourself.”

Disappointed: “To dream of disappointment indicates real-life experiences of being continually disappointed. Such dreams often reflect repressed disappointments which has accumulated over a period. Your dream serves as an emotional outlet to help ease your mind.”

Traffic Lights: “To see stoplights in your dream suggests that you are being held back from pursuing your goals. Your forward progress is being controlled by someone or by some outside forces. In other words, you are not in control of your own life. Alternatively, the dream represents the pressure to succeed or else be left behind. If the traffic light is green, then it indicates that you have been given the go-ahead to follow whatever path you have chosen or whatever decision you have made.”

Paint: “To see paint in your dream symbolises expression of your inner emotions. Consider the colour of the paint and how the colour makes you feel. It is this feeling that you need to express more in your waking life.”


I walked past my old work with my fiancé. It was a lot bigger and everything was set up different, there was a heap of shelving, like Bunnings or any other hardware store. My old boss was trying to convince me to go back and work for him (you can read my career story here and a bit more info here which will explain why in a million years I wouldn’t want to go back there). He was also serving gourmet meals here too, which really had nothing to do with anything. I said I am happy where I currently am.

Old work: “If you dream you are at your old work, then it suggests that there is an old lesson that you need to learn and apply to a current situation. It may also mean that you are regression into your comfort zone.”

Hardware store: “To dream of a hardware store indicates that you need to make some self-improvements in your life. You need to adjust your attitudes.”

Shelves: “To see a shelf in your dream suggests that there is something that you need to put aside right now. You need to put your ideas or plans on hold.”

Restaurant/Café: “To dream that you are in a restaurant suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by decisions and choices that you need to make in your life. Alternatively, it indicates that you are seeking for emotional nourishment outside of your social support system.”


My fiancé, myself and a few others were at an abandoned house along a beach/water. We were playing real life ‘Call of Duty’. I recall two particular old friends being there. I have been playing A LOT of COD lately…

Abandoned house: “To see an abandoned house in your dream implies that you have left behind your past. You are ready to move forward to the future.”

Beach: “To see the beach in your dream symbolises the meeting between your two states of mind. The sand is symbolic of the rational and mental process while the water signifies the irrational, unsteady and emotional aspects of yourself. It is a place of transition between the physical/material and the spiritual.”

Guns: “To see a gun in your dream represents aggression, anger and potential danger. You could be on the defensive about something. Or you may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence. Alternatively, a gun is a symbol of power and pride. Perhaps you are looking for shelter or protection in your dream. To dream that you are loading a gun forewarns that you should be careful in not letting your temper get out of control. It may also signify your ability to defend yourself in a situation. To dream someone is shooting you suggests that you are experiencing some confrontation in your waking life. You feel victimised in a situation or that you are being targeted.”

Video game in real life: “To dream that your real life has turned into a video game implies that you are lacking any ambition and drive. You don’t have any direction in life and what you want to do. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you need to always be on the alert.”

Old friends: “To see friends from your past in your dream points to your desire to reconnect with a part of yourself that you have lost touch with. Perhaps it is time to pick up that old hobby or put a long, hidden talent to use. A more direct interpretation of this dream may simply mean that you should look this friend up and reconnect with them.”


Thank you for taking the time to read this fairly long dream post – I hope you liked every second of it!

Chelsea x


      1. devouringbooks2017

        My mom and I always go in the garage and smoke in the morning. If we remember our dreams we always talk about them in the garage. Sometimes we don’t remember them right away, but as soon as we start talking in the garage something always sparks one of us to remember them. Since we always talk about them in the garage we always remember them there. It’s the same idea as using a journal to write down your dreams in the morning. Eventually habit will get you to remember them.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. devouringbooks2017

        I have some really vivid nightmares from PTSD so I started sleeping with my dog. She wakes me up by licking my face. It’s the best thing ever. I sleep so much better since I started sleeping with her. Sometimes I wish I didn’t remember dreams, but then I have really cool ones too. One of them actually inspired this story that I want to write.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. alltimechelsea

        That is awful that you have that, but that is so adorable that your dog looks after you, dogs are just the best. What type of dog? I love having cool dreams but they don’t happen very often unfortunately!


      4. devouringbooks2017

        She’s an English Springer Spaniel. You can see a photo of her in my about section, she’s the black, tan and white one. I have 3 dogs. A golden and a cavalier king charles spaniel as well. She’s my love bug though. She’s very active and a complete clown.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. devouringbooks2017

        The golden I had growing up was such a part of our childhood. So tolerant with us as babies and so gentle, but also a little protective. But we would never have feared having her around kids who came over. She was the perfect dog to have around kids and family.

        Liked by 1 person

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