Gloria Jeans – Favourite Drinks

If you’re unfamiliar with Gloria Jeans – it is very similar to Starbucks. Gloria Jeans was founded in Illinois, USA but has now branched out into 39 different countries, including Australia. Unfortunately Australia don’t have many Starbucks – but they make up for it with Gloria Jeans stores!
Gloria Jeans is my fiances and I’s favourite spot to get a coffee. We have a ‘eSipper’ loyalty card, this is a card you earn points on every time you purchase something at the store. Once you receive enough points, you can use them to receive free drinks!
You get a different amount of points depending on what size coffee you get:
Small = 70 points
Medium = 100 points
Large = 130 points
The amount of points you need to redeem:
Small = 700
Medium = 1000
Large = 1300
It is great when stores do things like this, it definitely encourages you to go more and rewards you with something.
I am going to go through a few of my Gloria Jeans favourites, if you haven’t tried any of these, I suggest you definitely do after reading this post!

Hot Drinks

They have a good range of hot drinks, they have the basics and also some that are a bit different, these are my favourites:

Espresso coffee > caramel syrup > steamed milk of choice > milk foam > caramel topping
It was actually my fiance that got me into these, they are so good as they have just the right amount of sweetness. They also have salted caramel lattes, but I don’t enjoy those as much as I like the sweetness. If you are more on the less-sweet side, I would say give the salted caramel one a go.
Very Vanilla Latte
Espresso coffee > vanilla mix > steamed milk of choice > milk foam
I was introduced to these by an old friend and thought I’d give it a shot. They are very similar to caramelattes, but just with lots and lots of vanilla! Sometimes in vanilla drinks, you lose the vanilla flavouring as it is subtle. Not in these, it is very prominant, and again, just the right amount of sweetness.
Classic Hot Chocolate
Chocolate > steamed milk of choice > milk foam
Defiitely a classic, as stated in the name. I believe Gloria Jeans do a damn good hot chocolate. Whenever I go there, I always put the chocolate powder on myself and I put a TON on. I then eat the milk foam and powder with a spoon and it is DELICIOUS it is literally my favourite part of the drink.
White Hot Chocolate
White chocolate > steamed milk of choice > milk foam
I find white hot chocolates can be a hit or miss, but these ones are definitely a hit! They are so creamy and sweet, perfect.

Cold Drinks

I am a big fan of chillers/frappuccinos, especially on a hot day they are just perfect. Gloria Jeans do some of my favourites:
Original Iced Chocolate Chiller
Chocolate > vanilla mix > milk of choice > ice > blended > cream
These are another classic. I always get these with cream as they aren’t the same without it! Though if you are dairy/lactose intolerant, they are still pretty good without the cream. They are chocolaty and refreshing. If I can’t decide what iced drink to get on a particular day, I will usually go with this classic.
Cookies ‘n’ Cream Chiller
Oreo > white chocolate > milk of choice > ice > blended > cream
These ones are my ultimate favourite. You can literally never go wrong with cookies ‘n’ cream flavoured anything. What more can I really say? They are addicting, and you will be sad when you have slurped up the last sip.
Tim Tam Chiller
Tim Tam > chocolate > milk of choice > ice > blended > cream
Another good one if you are feeling like a strong chocolate fix. If you are a fan of Tim Tams (chocolate biscuits) then you will be a fan of these. Delicious!
That is all I have for you today! Get to your closest Gloria Jeans store and start trying now! This isn’t even sponsored, but I wish it was..
Chelsea x


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