Book of the Week / 21

Hi all, and welcome back to another book review! I haven’t actually done one in a while, I hope you haven’t missed them too much! I can’t believe I have reached over 20 books now, in just less than a year, give or take a few! This one is an insane one, so buckle up.
This weeks book is:
CROSS HER HEART by Sarah Pinborough
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And wow was this one crazy.
“Lisa lives for her daughter Ava, her job, and her best friend Marilyn, but when a handsome client shows and interest in her, Lisa starts daydreaming about sharing her life with him too. Maybe she’s ready now. maybe she can trust again. Maybe it’s time to let her terrifying secret past go. Then her daughter rescues a boy from drowning and their pictures are all over the news for everyone to see. Lisa’s world explodes, and she finds everything she has built, threatened. Not knowing whom she can trust, it’s up to her to face her past to save what she holds dear.”
Lisa isn’t actually Lisa. She had a massive past before Lisa. A past of stealing, rebelling and.. killing.. her own little brother to be exact. Lisa is very attached and clingy with Ava, as she is really the only thing she has left, as well as Marilyn. There is definitely more to the story, but I can’t say too much without giving it away! This book was gripping from the start and was written really well. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the ending! I always seem to hate the ending to books! It is absolutely insane what happens, and things that have happened in the past of ‘Lisa’. This is a twisted psychological thriller you won’t want to put down until the very end.
If you enjoy thrillers, mysteries, adult fiction and suspense, you will adore this story. It is full of drama, secrets, thrill and more! It was nice to have something that is not fully based around romance for once.
“The inside information comes later. Those talks are for the middle of the night, heads on pillow, faces only outlines in the darkness. That’s when people surrender their weapons to each other and hope they don’t end up stabbed in the night by them in the future.”
“Someone can do a terrible, unforgivable thing, and yet you forgive them if you love them. The heart is such a strange thing.”
This is my second read by Sarah Pinborough and I really enjoyed it. I much rather this book than Behind Her Eyes, you can read my review on that one here and see what I rated it.
I rate this one an 8/10!
I hope you enjoyed my review! Some books are difficult to talk about without giving too much away – I never want to have spoilers on my blog as it would discourage a lot of people from reading my posts – and I really don’t want that!
Thank you for reading!
Chelsea x


  1. Dellybird

    It sounds very intense! It is a shame that you weren’t a fan of the ending. I hope it wasn’t too much of a let down, though with an 8/10 it doesn’t sound like it was too bad. I will mention it to my friend who is obsessed with thrillers as it sounds like it will be right up her street 🙂

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