Book of the Week / 23

Hi everyone! And welcome to another book review! I have been absolutely powering my way through books lately, which means there will be LOTS of reviews! I am writing this while it is absolutely pouring down with rain outside, it is very relaxing and always a nice feeling that you are cosy at home and don’t have to go outside in the wet.

This weeks book is a thriller, mystery and crime, it is:


Image result for bring me flowers book

This one was a bit of a suspency, creepy read! Based in a small town, this is the last place you would think a killer would be on the loose. In a dense forest, a school girl is found, dead, on a rock with nothing around her except for a bunch of flowers. Detective Jenna Alton is called in to investigate this horrible, awful murder.

After this one, another body was found, within days of one another. A friend of the first murder victim. She is found at a local swimming pool, and like before, the girl has been laid out and carefully positioned with a bunch of flowers beside the body.

The people of the town become absolutely terrified , knowing there is a killer on the loose, and that it could be someone they least expect, someone they trust the most. Jenna and her deputy know that the killer is among them, and that he is targeting young school girls. What they don’t know, is who is next on the killers list?

I found this book gripping, and I just wanted to keep reading and reading. In the last few chapters you find out who the killer is, and I assure you, you won’t guess who it is! This is just your classic type of murder-mystery with lots of suspects to choose from, and lots of wondering and guessing.

Jenna was portrayed as such a strong headed woman – I would never be able to get through the stresses she went through. The stress of a busy detective job (she barely has any time to sleep), and definitely the traumatic scenes she has seen and the experiences she has been through. I personally think she needs to let her hair down more before she goes insane. Her deputy was the perfect companion, kind and caring. Throughout the whole book I wanted them to get together.

I loved this book, and I would highly recommend if you are into thrillers/mysteries/crimes.

I rate this one an 8/10!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments below if you have read this one!

Chelsea x


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