What a Typical Weekend Looks Like for Me

Hi friends, and welcome to another post! I thought I would go through with you what a normal weekend looks like for my fiance and I. Weekends are definitely the best time of week for us as we both work your average full-time 9-5 job. As soon as it hits Friday, we are pumped and also very tired from the week at the same time.

Friday Night


I will get home from work and get myself comfortable – take off my make-up, get changed into my PJ’s and also do anything that needs doing around the house like washing, or the dishes. Josh will bring home takeaway of some sort, each week we get something different – McDonalds, KFC, Red Rooster, Hungry Jacks, Fish & Chips or Pizza. Josh gets home a bit later than me so it makes sense for him to pick up the dinner. We will usually sit down and eat dinner while watching a TV series – at the moment we are watching Brooklyn 99.

After dinner we’ll both do our own thing – play video games, watch YouTube, browse social media etc. Then later on in the night we’ll usually watch a movie together on either Netflix or Stan, or very rarely, watch a DVD that I have. Of course we do this while having a snack – for me it is almost always some sort of chocolate, and for Josh it is usually Shapes or chips.

I always want to stay up late on a Friday but I really struggle from being so tired throughout the week!



Lately on Saturday mornings I’ve had some sort of appointment in the morning so I set an alarm to get up and get ready for that. Josh usually gets up with me too. If we don’t have anything on, we usually sleep in of course. I get up and have breakfast – for me it is either Weetbix or oats. I’ll then brush my teeth, have a shower and get dressed for the day. Depending on what we’re doing on the Saturday I don’t usually do my make-up as it is good to have a break from it.

We’ll then come home and do something for lunch – we’ll either have leftovers, toasted sandwich, pasta, take-away or sometimes we’ll go out to a cafe for lunch.

We always usually end up going to the shops some point in the day to get any supplies we need.

Depending how I’m feeling and what we’re doing I often have a nap in the afternoon after lunch, or I’ll spend the afternoon playing video games, watching TV or blogging.

For dinner we’ll either cook or get take-away – we’re pretty lazy on the weekends as we work hard all week!

Sometimes we’ll watch a movie later on after dinner, or we’ll just do our own thing – play video games, watch TV, browse the web or sometimes we’ll play Mario together or board games. Again, we’ll stay up late just because we can!



If you didn’t think we were lazy enough already, Sundays are usually our super lazy day! It is also our housework day, so not totally lazy.

We’ll sleep in obviously then we’ll get up and I’ll have my breakfast. After I’ve watched some TV episodes or YouTube I’ll get up and start doing things – cleaning out the bird cage and filling it up with fresh food and delicious treats, doing the washing, doing any dishes, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the bathrooms.

I’ll usually play some Sims afterwards for the rest of the morning. Then we’ll usually do something easy for lunch. After that we’ll have a shower and get dressed.

We’ll spend the afternoon doing whatever and then late afternoon we’ll head to the shops to get ingredients for dinner and any snacks we need. Josh usually cooks a huge meal on Sundays to last us for some of the week for work lunches and dinners. We’ll usually eat dinner together and watch a TV series. We’ll spend the rest of the night doing whatever and then I’ll head to bed and read ready for work the next day – Josh usually stays up.

That is a basic weekend for us, now that I’ve got it all out in writing we are such an old, boring couple… but weekends are for relaxing so who cares!

Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments what a basic weekend for you looks like!

Chelsea x


  1. molly rose

    Ahhh okay so I can finally comment!! I loved reading this, its so cool and interesting to see what people get up to on the weekend! My weekend is fairly similar, in that I’m pretty lazy and just watch a love of TV/Movies and get takeaway, only difference is I have to work on the weekendends, which is so annoying!!

    Liked by 1 person

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