Engagement Party Ideas

As you know, I got engaged back in September 2018, and we are still yet to have our engagement party – we wanted to have it at our place but for the amount of people we want they’re not going to all fit, so we have had to make the decision to book in somewhere and have it catered for. I have been on Pinterest to look for some cool ideas so I thought I would share some things on here and tell you what I think!

Polaroid wedding guest book / http://www.deerpearlflowers.com/creative-polaroid-wedding-ideas/

I think this one is such a cute idea. So your guests take a picture of themselves or others, stick the photo in a blank book and write a little message for the bride & groom to be. I already own a Polaroid camera, I’d just need to buy some film, so this is a really simple and inexpensive idea to keep your guests occupied.

Cool sign at a Vintage Glam Engagement Party!  See more party ideas at CatchMyParty.com!

I definitely want to have a ‘love story’ board – it gives your guests a good insight of your story, and it’s great to have something personalised.

Cute wedding guest book table | Image by Emily Magers

I’d also love to have a table like this set up with our initials and some photos of us. I think it would be really cute.


I love my sweets and have a big sweet tooth – I also think sweets look really nice on a table so I’d love to have a three tier plate like this one holding something like donuts, cupcakes or cookies.

12 Super Easy DIY Favors to Make for a Large Wedding via Brit + Co.

Having personalised cookies like the ones above would be so cool to have. I don’t think we will actually do this but it is a really cool and personalised idea.

Preparing for a bridal shower? Pay your attention to rustic theme and décor – it’s very cute and won’t take much money to realize. If the weather allows, go for an outdoor rustic shower, use hay, wood slices and burlap for decor.

Sweets all set up just look so pretty and appetising! This is like set-up goals right here!

Give your summer party new life with this backyard barbecue decor!

Some pretty decorations are also an essential – flowers, fairy lights and photos are all some great ideas.

Creative ways to send the bride and groom a good luck message with love. www.chasedance.com.au

‘Message in a bottle’ is another cool way to keep your guests occupied and give you something to remember the night/day by.

So these are just some of things I have found to really make our engagement party a night/day to remember. Let me know below if you have any great ideas for an engagement party!

Chelsea x


  1. Jen Eden

    Some lovely ideas here! We never had an engagement party but for our wedding we had a photobook with snapshots from right through our relationship for people to sign as a guest book and we had a traditional pick and mix in glass jars with little scoops and paper bags as favours – they were two of my favourite things from our wedding and could both work well for an engagement party.☺️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. devouringbooks2017

        I keep reading these cozy mysteries, and they always talk about food or desserts. A few of them include recipes! But they’re making me want sweets. I am dreaming of sweets like all the time. Probably because I haven’t had any kind of dessert in the longest time.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. molly rose

    Love this, there’s so many cute ideas on this list!! I love the look of the table with heaps of sweets and stuff, I feel like those ‘grazing tables’ are so popular these days! If you wanted you could definitely find someone near you who could make up a table like that! I also love the polaroid camera idea, that would be such a cute and personal touch! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dellybird

    I love the jars, they are so cute especially with little fairy lights in. The snapshot guest books are lovely. I’ve seen them at a few weddings and everyone likes to get involved (you could have props too for some silly photos). At my friend’s wedding in October she had a little wooden box and some cards to fill out, where guests could write a message but also she had at the bottom ‘Where do you see us 10 years from today?’ There were a lot of different answers and I think that it was a really nice idea. You could even cards with different questions on, then you could use the answers at the wedding e.g. ‘Where was our first date?’ or ‘Who said I love you first?’ You could do a display with the real answer vs what people guessed to show them your story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alltimechelsea

      Thank you!
      We didn’t think we’d ever get around to organising one but thankfully we found a place to have it! We wanted it at our place but there’s too many people to fit in our backyard 😂
      A lolly set up is always exciting!


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