Book of the Week / 28

Hi everyone and welcome to another book review. This book review is a little different today, I was sent a free copy of it to write an honest, non-biased review. I wouldn’t even call this one a book, more like a short story as it is only a couple of pages long and about 7000 words. I read this all in one sitting.
This weeks ‘book’ is:
Fireside Chat with a Grammar Nazi Serial Killer by Ryan Survaal
Image result for fireside chat with a grammar nazi serial killer
“Seventeen gruesome killings across the United States, within a span of six months and there is one clear connection among victims. They were all writers. While media is decorating the murders with sensationalist stories, and law enforcement is playing catch-up, the homicidal maniac remains elusive and secretive. Things get very interesting, when one day she decides to appear on an internet talk show for an honest fireside chat.”
This is a very short and sweet story. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it wasn’t so rushed and was an actual book sized story (200-500 pages), I think a lot more things could have been done with it, they really could have extended it. I have to say, the first chapter was written absolutely atrociously. I was shocked at how badly it was done. Luckily, it got better in the main chapter.
Some of the ways the serial killer murdered and tortured her victims were terrible and very gruesome. I think it is really stupid to kill someone just from making a small grammatical error in a book. They only killed authors with certain initials (the same as their ex), but really she obviously had huge issues hidden beneath the surface to take this anger out on others. This book definitely isn’t for younger readers as I think it could be a really bad influence.
All in all I didn’t enjoy this one. I was glad it was short, the idea was there but it would have been better as an actual story with a detailed story line.
I feel really bad giving a not-so-great review, but this is just me expressing my thoughts and opinions. Feel free to read for yourself, it is only about a 30 minute read. The genre this one is under is thriller.
I give this one a 4/10 (sorry)
About the Author
Ryan Survaal is passionate about writing page-turner psychological thrillers. His favourite hangout is a coffee shop where he guzzles down tonnes of caffeine and weaves characters pumped up with deadly intentions and worlds full of thrill, suspense and gore.
Thanks for reading!
Chelsea x

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