True Crime: The Killing of Aya Maasarwe

Today I’m going to tell you about the horrific story of what happened to Aya Maasarwe. I apologise if her name is spelled incorrectly in any way, as it was originally written as “Aiia”. I have seen many different articles spell it different ways, but I am lead to believe that the correct spelling is ‘Aya’.
A young woman smiles as she poses for a photograph in front of a fountain.
This was a very recent case, that happened just this year, in January 2019. This murder took place in Melbourne, Victoria, and shook the whole of the state.
Aya was 21 years old, still full of so much life. She came to Melbourne from Israeli, 5 months before her death, for a 12 month exchange student program at La Trobe University, studying Business.
Aya was described as funny, intelligent and gifted. She planned to use her university degree alongside her father in his business.
A young woman smiles as she sits in a food shop with three large, colourful milkshakes that are adorned with extra treats.
“She was very friendly, knowledgeable, easy-going and someone who knew a lot. It was quite refreshing to talk to her.”
In the months she spent in Victoria, she visited the Shrine of Remembrance and explored the Grampions – it was said that she loved all the adventures in her first few months.
On a Tuesday night, she had attended an event at Flagstaff Gardens (located in Melbourne) for people keen to practice their English – this was around 7pm-8pm. After this, she then attended a comedy show at The Comics Lounge, located in North Melbourne.
A young woman smiles as she looks at an ice cream sundae.
After the show was finished, some friends drove Aya to a tram shop in the city centre, where she caught a tram at around 10:50pm. This particular tram was heading toward Bundoora, located north of the city. Bundoora was where she had been living while studying at the university nearby.
She departed the tram at around 12:10am – this tram stop was just over a kilometer from where she lived.
She was Facetiming her sister while leaving the tram, who was overseas. She had gotten less than 50 metres from the tram stop when the phone appeared to fall to the ground – this was heard, along with some voices, and then the call ended. Her sister continued to try and call back, but there was no answer. It was believed that she was attacked on the footpath.
At about 7am the next day, the body of Aya was discovered by passers-by outside a nearby shopping centre. The police have not released the injuries out of respect for her family. She died on 16th January 2019.
A group of people pose for a photo on a green lawn.
“All I wish to say is, this was a horrific attack. This was an absolutely horrendous, horrific attack inflicted on a completely innocent young woman who was a visitor to our city.”
The death has prompted police to up the security in this area where the attack occurred. La Trobe University has also said that they will be increasing the security around the campus.
Her family are still absolutely devastated by her violent death in a city they thought was safe, and her father flew straight to Melbourne as soon as he was notified of the news.
Her body was eventually taken back to Israel for burial.
Shortly after the horrific death, a 20-year-old male, Codey Herrmann was arrested in relation to the death of Aya. He was sitting in a barbecue area at a small park with a young woman when the police came by on Friday morning. The area was a popular hangout for teenagers in the area, “sometimes the people in there get a bit rowdy, but they have always been harmless.”
Codey Herrmann was arrested on Friday, nearly three days after Aiia Maasarwe was killed.
The undercover barbecue area where the 20-year-old was arrested in Greensborough.
It is understood that the young man was soon identified as a key person of interest after some forensic tests were conducted on clothing that was found near where Aya took her last breath.
It is believe he would have left the scene covered in Aya’s blood, and he also stole several items from her handbag.
Soon after being arrested, Codey Herrmann was charged with the murder and rape of Aya Maasarwe.
Codey Herrmann arriving at Melbourne West police station on Friday.
A Vigil was held at the Victorian State Parliament building in the Melbourne CBD – the whole area was packed with people there to show their respects and say goodbye to the innocent young woman. Mourners also laid flowers and handwritten cards.
“Aya was special girl. All the time she think positive, she happy. She can make everything even from the worst situation happy and joke. She is very friendly. She is really very, very happy” – her father.
This is absolutely awful what happened, and in my own city too. Melbourne is meant to be the most livable city in the world. I honestly don’t know how sometimes.
RIP Aya.
Chelsea x


      1. devouringbooks2017

        There is so much crime around here, but there is one true crime story about my sisters friend who went missing and no one knew what happened to her for years. I followed that one for a long time and don’t know if I believe all of what they say happened..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. devouringbooks2017

        They believe she was sex trafficked and then someone in jail said he knew guys who killed her and fed her to alligators. She was 16 when she went missing during spring break at Myrtle Beach. She told her mom she was staying at a friends for the week because her mom didn’t want her to go on vacation and then she went on vacation anyway with some friends. The whole case was based on where she was last seen and where her phone had pinged last with texts before she went missing. No one knew the truth for years and then someone in jail was talking about how they knew the guys who had killed her and fed her to alligators. But there was no evidence that it was actually the truth but they consider it solved so maybe there was and they just won’t tell us? It was HORRIBLE. She was so nice and pretty too. Her name was Brittanee Drexel if you want to read about it, there is tons of stuff on the internet about her and what they think happened.


      3. alltimechelsea

        Oh my gosh that is awful… it’s sad that they’ve closed the case as it doesn’t really sound like it’s solved if they don’t know exactly what happened. I will definitely have a read. I wonder if any crime youtubers have covered it

        Liked by 1 person

      4. devouringbooks2017

        I have no idea! You should definitely check it out. There used to be all these conspiracy pages on Facebook and stuff. There was a guy from Rochester that was a person of interest and I remember I saw him at the gym once and I was scared to even look at him. I don’t know what the truth really is in Brittanee Drexel’s case, but it’s interesting to read about and really sad because she was only 16 years old. For years everyone believed that she was sex trafficked, I think they believed that because she was pretty, and it gave hope that she might still be alive. The way her friends acted and how they came home without her was super suspicious though. It was like they knew something.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. devouringbooks2017

        I live in Rochester, we have the highest murder rate per capita in America.. or at least we did like 4 years ago. It’s not that unusual here, honestly, for people to go missing, but she was white, pretty, young and from a rich family.


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