Book of the Week / 32

Hey there, and welcome to another book review! I’ve been a little slow getting through books lately, it doesn’t help when I’m really not enjoying a book but want to keep reading to see if it gets better…

This weeks book is…

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Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

“In the last days before her death, Nel called her sister. Jules (her sister) didn’t pick up the phone, ignoring her plea for help. Now Nel is dead. They say she jumped. And Jules has been dragged back to the one place she hoped she had escaped for good, to care for the teenage girl her sister left behind. But Jules is afraid. So afraid. Of her long-buried memories, of the old Mill House, of knowing that Nel would never have jumped. And most of all she’s afraid of the water, and the place they call the Drowning Pool…”

I had such high hopes for this book, as I read my first book by Paula Hawkins a little while ago – The Girl On The Train, and it was brilliant. I loved every chapter, every page. Unfortunately this one no where near hit the mark, and I was left bitterly disappointed throughout the entire book.

There was WAY too many characters to follow, and too many different timelines going all over the place. I felt all the reading I was doing was pointless as nothing seemed to lead anywhere. It was quite often hard to grasp what was going on. I read some reviews on Goodreads, and I am glad I’m not the only one who thought this.

This book didn’t excite me whatsoever, and I often got bored of reading it. I think focusing on 3 main characters would have been better, and made it easier to follow. None of the characters were likeable which made things worse.

I couldn’t wait until I had finished this book, to be totally honest with you. I hate giving bad/negative feedback, but it is truly how I felt. I wish I stopped reading earlier on.

This book was very different compared to The Girl on the Train.. I think she tried too hard with this one.

The Genres that this book falls under is mystery, thriller, suspense and adult fiction. There were a few mediocre parts in the book, but no where near enough for me to like it. Definitely a miss from me.

About the Author
“Paula Hawkins was born and raised in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe). She is the author of no.1 New York Times best seller ‘The Girl on the Train’ – which was made into a major motion picture.”

I am sadly giving this one my worst review ever, 2/10.

Thank you for reading,

Chelsea x


  1. Dellybird

    Such a shame you didn’t enjoy it though I can understand why as it sounds a lot more complex than it needs to be. I guess we expect more when the author’s last book is so successful too.

    Liked by 1 person

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