My Perfume Collection

This is a bit of a different post for me, something I’ve never done before. I was doing my make-up for work one morning and noticed all my perfume bottles more than usual on my dressing table, and thought it might be a good idea to go through all the perfumes I own, why I wear the ones I have and anything that the perfume smell remind me of.

Killer Queen by Katy Perry


This perfume is the first one I ever received as a gift, from my Mum & Dad actually. I have had this one for years, and it is actually empty, I just don’t want to get rid of it as the bottle is so pretty!

Princess by Vera Wang


I got this perfume from one of my friends for my Birthday one year – I think it may have been my 21st? I can’t remember exactly. This one has always been a favourite of mine. I often use it when going to work. I love the bottle, I think it is really pretty, and the perfume colour is purple, so I like it even more as that is my favourite colour. I also love the crown on the lid.

Princess Night by Vera Wang


This one is quite similar to the top one. My other half knew that the previous one was a favourite of mine, so he got me this one year for Christmas. The bottle is actually covered in glitter – but it surprisingly doesn’t come off! One thing I’m not the biggest fan of is not being able to see how much is left inside! I also have lost the lid to this one – I have absolutely no clue where it went. I think I may have lost it when we moved house!

Euphoria by Calvin Klein


I definitely got this one for my 21st. I really love this perfume and I feel like the scent is ‘fancy’ so I usually save it for special occasions, such as if we’re going out for dinner with friends/family etc.I also like the bottle as it’s different.

Midnight Heat by Beyonce


This was another one I received off my other half one Christmas. I actually picked this one out for him to give to me as I like the smell and also the colour, of course. I use this one sometimes when I go to work.

Heat Rush by Beyonce


This one is very similar to the above, just a bit of a different smell, and a different colour. I also received this one for Christmas, but from my Mum-in-law to be. I have to say, I like the previous one more, but I still use this one sometimes for work.

Gelat’eau, Let’s Spritz & Sweet Inspirations by Zoella


Zoella has always been one of my favourite YouTubers, she is just so normal and honest. I am also pretty jealous of her life! When I found out she was bringing out beauty products, I wanted them straight away. My Mum and Dad got these for me for one Christmas, they ordered them straight from the UK which is pretty cool. I really like all of these scents and I occasionally use them when going to work.

Persimmon, Frangipani and Exotic Flowers by Chi Chi


I love Chi Chi scents, they are very strong which I like, as sometimes perfumes can be too subtle. They are also reasonably priced which is great. There are many more scents that you can get, other than these. One of my all time favourite perfumes is Persimmon. I can’t even explain the scent, it is just delightful!

Bae De Gaga by Lady Gaga


My Mum randomly bought me this perfume one day, as it was a ‘perfume of the week’ at the chemist, which meant it was on special. This one is quite a nice subtle smell. Wearing this one reminds me of when I just started at the organisation I work for. A lot has changed in my work life since then!

Amber Romance by Victoria’s Secret


My Mum-in-law to be kindly gave this one to me. It is quite strong and sprays a lot more than normal perfumes. This one is a strong vanilla smell. I like it, but I don’t tend to use this one very often as I often forget about it as it is not exactly like normal perfumes!

That is all the perfumes in my collection! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you have any of these, or if you have tried any!

Chelsea x


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