Meet Our Puppy!

Hi everyone, this is a bit of an exciting post! We got a new puppy! Before I start telling you about her, I am going to talk about our puppy buying/adopting journey.

We started to really look for a dog around November/December last year (2018). We were looking at Golden Retrievers as this is the type of dog we both wanted and that we could agree on. We were searching online, and making tons of calls. All the people we spoke to didn’t seem keen for us to buy one of their pups – they were quite rude actually. Finally, we came across one that was absolutely happy to put a puppy aside for us. The only catch? Their location was 4 hours away.. I wasn’t keen on this at all as I felt like something was off. I am also not good with driving long distances because of my anxiety etc. But my partner talked me into it, saying everything would be ok, and it would be worth it as we would be getting a puppy.

It was the start of January 2019, the day came for us to do a 4 hour trip there, and then another 4 hours back home. The trip was fine, just really long and boring – I have no idea how some people can live in the middle of absolutely no where. It baffles me. After seeing lots and lots of dried up land, we finally made it to our destination. We walked in the door to this breeders house – and the first thing we saw were the puppies and their cute little faces! Everything went well, we gave them a $500 deposit, we signed some documents, and we were back on our long trip home! We left at 9am and didn’t get home again until 7pm. Our pup wasn’t ready just yet to pickup, so we had to make this long trip again in two weeks time – which was annoying, but we would be bringing our pup home this time!

The next day came, it was a Sunday. We were really excited and just wanted our pup to be home already. We got a call in the morning, it was the breeder. Josh was on the phone to her, and it didn’t sound good. She said we couldn’t have our pup anymore, and that she would be giving the deposit back. We were crushed, she couldn’t even give us a reason why. We wasted our whole Saturday. Every time I think of this now, it makes me angry.

This really destroyed us, so we lost hope for a while. We started looking at the RSPCA to adopt, but we didn’t have a great experience with them either. They barely had any dogs at the time (which was good) and everyone we spoke to was rude.

We then tried a different pet adoption agency, and their communication was awful – we don’t even know how they found dogs homes as we could barely get contact with them.

We lost hope for ages, until mid March. Josh’s Auntie’s two Staffies had pups just before Christmas. They had two girls – which was perfect as we were after a girl. Josh was keen for a pup since the start, but I wasn’t sure. But we decided to make a compromise. He would get a dog that he wanted, and I would get a dog that I wanted. So meet the newest member of our family….




Missy is 4 months old, and a little terror. She is very cute though so it’s ok. She is a pure breed Stafford shire Bull Terror, and is the colour blue, as her Dad was blue. Having a puppy has really changed our lives – and changed our routine. We have to watch her at all times otherwise she will do something naughty!


She absolutely LOVES the couch, she loves rummaging through the pillows, and being in/under things. She has a lot of toys – I think her frog squeaky toy is her favourite. She also has a squeaky pineapple toy, 2 rope toys and a ball. She also has a fluffy pink bed, which I HAD to get for her. She also has a rose gold food bowl – only the best for our puppy haha. She was very hesitant about going on walks at first, but now she loves them. She gets very excited to meet new people, and pees herself everyday when I get home from work (she’s still outside at this stage – so all good). After 5 days of having her, she learnt how to escape from her dog pen – so that was a waste of money! All good though, as our yard is now dog proof and safe.



She gets a tiny piece of cheese when she’s being good and does what she’s told. She also farts a lot which isn’t pleasant – but nothing we can really do about that. They used to be worse when eating certain dog food/meat, so we don’t give her that any more! She chews basically anything in sight, hence why we have to watch her at all times.


I’m sure we will learn even more about her as the year goes on.

I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know what type of dog/pet you have in the comments below – I would love to know!

Chelsea x



  1. molly rose

    OMGGG she’s adorable!!! I cant believe the breeder wouldn’t even tell you why you couldn’t have the dog, thank goodness you got your deposit back at least…. It actually sucks that you had so much trouble getting a rescue dog, kinda makes me worried as me and my dad are looking to get a rescue dog towards the end of the year…. Oh well, at least everything worked out for you, seems like you got a gorgeous little puppy!


  2. Jen Eden

    Ahh, she is just adorable! We got an English Springer Spaniel about 18 months ago. She has turned our lives upside down and we absolutely adore her. Can guarantee you’ll never be greeted with as much love and affection from anyone else. Enjoy your puppy journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ecbcmanchester

    She is gorgeous! I also adopted a puppy this year and found the process very stressful too. Sorry to hear about what you went through but I’m glad you have your little pup now.
    Ours is now 8 months old and in the teenager stage – wish me luck!! Wishing you all the happiness with your furry baby. Emma x

    Liked by 1 person

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