My Favourite Chocolate – Part 2

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my favourite chocolate! Chocolate is my favourite food in the entire universe, so one post just wasn’t enough. I also got a heap of eggs and bunnies for Easter, so I wanted to include them in this post also! I have to admit, I slowly stocked my fridge up with bunnies each time I went to the shops before Easter…. don’t judge me.



Image result for celebrations chocolate

Do Celebrations count as an actual type of chocolate…? Oh well, I’m going to include them anyway! I think a lot of you know about Celebrations, it is a mix of all different flavours/types of chocolates, that include (in Australia anyway):

  • Snickers
  • Bounty
  • Mars Bar
  • Galaxy
  • Galaxy Caramel
  • Milky Way
  • Malteser Teaser

My favourites are Snickers and Bounty – let me know in the comments what your faves are! I actually used to hate Bounty’s, but coconut has grown on me throughout the years. I have always loved Snickers as I like the peanut combination with chocolate.

I love the mixed boxes of chocolate as they are great if you don’t feel like a particular flavour. It is great to mix things up and have an assortment of different flavours. They are also great to put out at get-togethers or parties!

Cadbury Chocolate Bunnies

Image result for cadbury chocolate bunny

Ever since the shops started selling Easter things, I had been buying a bunny or two every time I’d gone food shopping (which was a lot). I knew that they would disappear after Easter so I had to stock up! I love milk chocolate bunnies, I love the thinness of them, and I love breaking them up into a bowl. It is just the best. The picture above is the type that I had been purchasing.



Image result for pods chocolate

Oh my gosh, I LOVE Pods! I hope these count as chocolate, as they are found in the chocolate aisle. They are bite-sized crunchy baked wafer/biscuit filled with various types of chocolate – amazing. I love eating these at the cinema, I will easily inhale a whole pack. My favourite flavour of these are Twix, which is a chocolate bar with malt biscuit and caramel inside – delicious. They also come in Snickers, Mars and Cookies and Cream. They might come in more flavours, but I am not aware of these.


Raspberry Bullets

Image result for raspberry bullets

I absolutely despise liquorice and liquorice bullets, but I LOVE raspberry liquorice (it’s basically the opposite of normal liquorice. Milk chocolate coated raspberry bullets are divine, but my ultimate favourite is white chocolate coated – if you haven’t tried these and you’re a lover of raspberry and white chocolate, you definitely need to give them a shot. Sometimes you can get them from normal food shops, but otherwise they are usually always found at lolly/chocolate shops.

Image result for white raspberry bullets


Cadbury Chocolate Coated Almonds

Image result for cadbury choc almonds

These are usually found around Christmas time – I usually stock up and eat them as an afternoon snack at work. They are basically what the name says, almonds coated in milk chocolate. They are a great, quick sweet snack. I also really enjoy milk chocolate coated sultanas (don’t judge me).


So, I honestly think I can do a part 3 of this series… I just love chocolate that much. It’s like how people are into wine, cheese, beer etc. I am into chocolate. Let me know in the comments below if you are a fan of any of the chocolates I’ve mentioned in this post!

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x


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