YouTubers I’ve Recently Started Watching – June 2019

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another post! I haven’t done a YouTube one in a while, so I thought I would give you a little update on anyone new I have been watching, and I’ve written down a few. None of these on this list are actually ‘new’ to YouTube, these are just channels that I have recently discovered. I will include links to each channel below. Don’t forget to check out my previous YouTube posts!


Kera Ariyel

Image result for kera ariyel

I recently got hooked on watching Kera’s challenge videos – ‘I only ate white foods for 24 hours’, ‘I let the person in front of me decide what I eat for 24 hours’ etc. I love these sorts of videos, especially when they revolve around food. I don’t know why, I just find these entertaining and fun! I was pleasantly surprised at how funny Kera is, I laugh at least once in every one of her videos. She covers other genres like fashion, beauty, college and traveling. Kera is 20 years old, goes to college and lives in the United States. She has been making videos since 2015, and is sitting on 403,000 subscribers.


Beauty Spectrum

Image result for beauty spectrum

Not actually sure why I haven’t watched anything from this channel before! As these videos are right up my alley. Beauty Spectrum is run by a 19 year old girl named Molly, living in the UK. Molly does lots of challenge videos, as well as covers beauty (duh), travel, university and general day-to-day life vlogs. Molly is also friends with many other YouTubers, including Fabulous Hannah. She created her channel in 2014, and is currently sitting on 115,000 subscribers.


Derek Gerard

Image result for derek gerard

Derek is a pretty big YouTuber, but I have only just recently discovered his channel. His videos caught my eye as they are all basically challenge ones. He does things like ‘impossible’ challenges, can only say ‘yes’ for 24 hours and buying random eBay/Amazon items and unboxing them. I love how Derek’s videos are fast-paced and funny – it really keeps you watching. He does really stupid things too which is pretty entertaining. Derek is 24 years old and lives in Canada. He has been creating videos since 2010, and is currently sitting on over 1.5 million subscribers.


Talia Maizels

Image result for talia maizels

Last but not lest, we have Talia. Pronounced ‘ta-lee-a’. Again, Talia does a lot of different food challenges, as well as other challenges also. Other things she covers are general day-to-day vlogs, beauty and fashion. she is 20 years old from the UK, and has been creating videos since 2017. She is currently just on over 43,000 subscribers which is an amazing effort for the short amount of time she has been on YouTube.


Those are all I have for today! Let me know if you know of any channels that I might enjoy watching! Also let me know of any channels/videos you’re loving right now, in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x



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