My Go-To Hair Products Right Now

I promised a hair care post in my last post.. so here we are! I’ve never really done a hair post, so I thought today was a good place to start! I thought I would go through with you my favourite hair care products at the moment. Maybe you’ll share some of these favourites, and maybe you won’t. Don’t be a stranger, and comment any hair bits that you’re loving right now, I’d love to know!


Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray 320 mL

So I have never tried a Tigi/Bed Head product before, but have always wanted to. One day I walked into Priceline and low and behold, huge sale on hair care! This was my chance, so I went for it! And picked out this product. My hair is very fine/thin, though I have a lot of it. I thought this would make it feel and look a bit thicker, and help it to stay in place more as my hair is known to fly around everywhere when there is only the slightest bit of wind in the air. I definitely do notice a bit of a difference using this product. It DOES make it feel a bit thicker, but doesn’t hold my hair in place. I need hairspray for that, definitely. I am really liking this product at the moment though, but I would only purchase when on sale.


Schwarzkopf Extra Care Strong Styling Hairspray Extra Strong Hold

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Strong Styling Hairspray Extra Strong Hold Better 500 g

Now onto what I just mentioned, hairspray! I have been using this particular one for YEARS. It has always been my go-to for regarding hairspray. It was AMAZING when I had a full fringe, so I could just spray and it would hold for the whole day. I don’t have a full fringe anymore though, those days are long gone. I got sick of trimming it every few weeks. It was annoying getting poked in the eye a lot too. My Mum originally got me on to the product, as hairspray for her is her lifesaver. I would HIGHLY recommend this product as it works great.


Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo 250 mL

THIS! I have been using this since I’ve had blonde hair, so for about 2 years now. This is an amazing product, and keeps your blonde hair looking brighter and lighter for longer! I use it about once a week and leave in my hair for 5+ minutes then washout. It just about coats the shower in purple as well as my hair, as the purple seems to splash everywhere when I’m applying it! Easy clean up though. I would very highly recommend this product! I’m sure a lot of other people would highly recommend this product also!


V05 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme

V05 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Crème 125 mL

This is a new product to me, and one I have only just started using. My hair seems to fly around everywhere, so I thought this would be a good product to try and test out. It was really cheap, so I thought, why not? You apply some before blow drying hair, it’s quick and easy to apply. I have noticed that my hair is a bit smoother and makes me look less like a crazy cat lady., which is great, and a good product in my books. Worth a buy and try as it is so cheap!


Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo

Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo 200 mL

Dry shampoo.. what a lifesaver, ey? It has saved us many days of the effort of washing our hair. Dry shampoo helps hair to feel fresh again, and helps get rid of the greasiness by drying it up. It comes in different flavours/smells usually. I don’t really have a favourite exactly, I just don’t like the cherry one. Don’t even ask me why. Again, would highly recommend this product! The only bad thing about it, is that the bottles don’t last long enough!


Those are all the different products I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to let me know of your favourite hair care bits below, and also let me know if you have tried any of these, and what you think!

Chelsea x




  1. Dellybird

    The Bed Head products always smell great. Dry shampoo is a must have. If you wanted a shampoo and conditioner for thickening then I highly recommend the Maui range. I had comments about my hair looking thicker not long after I started using it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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