Quick Beginners Workout

So… I haven’t worked out properly in a year or so. I used to go to the gym all the time when I was back home, in the house I grew up in as the gym was only a 2 minute drive away, or a 5 minute walk. It was a great gym too. The owners were lovely and it was just a nice environment, everyone was there for the same reason. I even used to do group boxing classes. It was really fun, and you could just go at your own strength and pace.

I stopped going to the gym when I moved out and when my health declined. I did home workouts at times but stopped. I have now got my butt back into gear again, and have decided to start home workouts again! For me, they work out great as everything is done at home. I can wear clothes I feel comfortable in, I don’t have to drive/walk anywhere and can get stuck right into it. We also have animals so it is good to stay home with them too when I can.

The person who motivated me to get back into working out is Anna Saccone Joly, every weekday she posts Instastories just after she’s finished her home workouts. I thought it seemed easy enough to do – if someone with 4 kids can fit this in her day, I can too.

I wanted to start off the workouts super basic and easy – and ones without weights as I don’t own any. I put together a few exercises together. I currently do these exercises for 1-minute each. The website I looked at said 30 seconds, but that was a little too easy for me. It’s really good, because you can choose exercises that you like and that work for you!

Below are the 10 exercises I do. You could up the time of each exercise or do 2 or 3 rounds if it’s not enough for you. This is a great full-body workout.

Sit-ups (1 min)

Image result for sit ups

“An exercise in which a person lies flat on the back, lifts the torso to a sitting position, and then lies flat again without changing the position of the legs: formerly done with the legs straight but now usually done with the knees bent.”

Push-ups (1 min)

Image result for push ups

“a conditioning exercise performed in a prone position by raising and lowering the body with the straightening and bending of the arms while keeping the back straight and supporting the body on the hands and toes.”

Wall Sit (1 min)

Image result for wall sit

“A wall sit is an exercise done to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. It is characterised by the two right angles formed by the body, one at the hips and one at the knees. The person wall sitting places their back against a wall with their feet shoulder width apart and a little ways out from the wall.”

Bicycle Crunch (1 min)

Image result for bicycle crunches

“Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground (pull your navel in to also target your deep abs). Put your hands behind your head, then bring your knees in towards your chest and lift your shoulder blades off the ground, but be sure not to pull on your neck.”

Squats (1 min)

Image result for squats

“A squat is a strength exercise in which the trainee lowers their hips from a standing position and then stands back up. … The primary agonist muscles used during the squat are the quadriceps femoris, the adductor magnus, and the gluteus maximus.”

Leg Raises (1 min)

Image result for leg raised

“The leg raise is a strength training exercise which targets the iliopsoas (the anterior hip flexors). Because the abdominal muscles are used isometrically to stabilize the body during the motion, leg raises are also often used to strengthen the rectus abdominis muscle and the internal and external oblique muscles.”

Triceps Dips (1 min)

Image result for triceps dip

“A dip is an upper-body strength exercise. Narrow, shoulder-width dips primarily train the triceps, with major synergists being the anterior deltoid, the pectoralis muscles (sternal, clavicular, and minor), and the rhomboid muscles of the back (in that order).”

Lunges (1 min)

Image result for lunges

“lunge can refer to any position of the human body where one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground while the other leg is positioned behind. It is used by athletes in cross-training for sports, by weight-trainers as a fitness exercise, and by yogis as part of an asana regimen.”

Plank (1 min)

Image result for plank

“Start on the floor on your hands and knees. Lower your forearms to the floor with elbows positioned under your shoulders and your hands shoulder-width apart. If someone looked at you from the side, your arms would form a 90-degree angle. Step your feet back, one at a time. Maintain a straight line from heels through the top of your head, looking down at the floor, with gaze slightly in front of your face. Now, tighten your abs and hold.”

Side Plank (30 seconds each side)

Image result for side plank

“Start in a low plank position with elbows on the floor directly under shoulders, core and glutes engaged. B. Shift weight onto the right elbow and roll onto the right side of the right foot so entire body faces to the right, stacking feet on top of one another and raising left arm to the ceiling”

As I said, you can alter this to your own strengths, and change the times if desired. I just think these are a really great starting point if you haven’t worked out for a while or you’ve never worked out at all before!

I hope this is helpful!

Chelsea x



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