Meet Our Second Puppy!

Ah guys I’m so excited to introduce another new pup to you! So we decided ages ago that we were going to get two dogs, a breed that Josh wanted and a breed that I wanted. In March we brought home Missy, our Staffy (the breed that Josh wanted), you can read a bit about her here!

I had been looking on Dogzonline for ages, looking for Japanese Spitz puppies. It’s a breed I’ve wanted for quite some time. They are basically like mini Samoyed’s, another one of my favourites. One time my neighbour back at home got a Japanese Spitz one day, and I was instantly in love, and knew what I wanted in the future. Dogzonline is a great site to get healthy, looked after pups from.

I was having absolutely no luck finding a pup I wanted that was located in our state. So one Friday morning in June, I decided to look elsewhere. I looked on Trading Post and a few promising ones popped up! I had a quick discussion with Josh, and I made an enquiry.

I sent the owner/breeder a message and gave a brief description about us…

Hi there, my name is Chelsea and I am just enquiring about your ad on Trading Post for Japanese Spitz pups! My partner and I are after a female Spitz to join our little family. We have a 7 month old Staffy who would absolutely adore having another dog to play with! We also have a tame cockatiel. Do you still have the female available? And when would she be available for viewing and pick up?

To my excitement, they responded back fairy quickly and said she would be available for viewing and pick up the next day! He said if we like her, we can take her! I was definitely going to like her, there was no doubt about that….

So our quiet weekend suddenly became busy. We were up early on the Saturday morning (I didn’t sleep the night before at all due to excitement and anxiety) as it was a bit of a drive to the other side of Melbourne, 1hr 10mins. Unfortunately my anxiety was really bad that day so I struggled a lot with travel. But in the end it was all worth it to bring home little…



We brought her home at 8 weeks old. It was a dull, cold and rainy day but it didn’t really matter. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life, and she is mine.


We are looking forward to her personality unfold. Her and Missy get along so well, they are constantly playing, it is so cute. She also loves biting my socks, and running around like crazy when she’s out of her pen. She’s going to be a lot of work for a while, while she grows and learns, but we need to savour this time as she will only be little for a short time.

As for her name, how did we come up with it and decide on it? One day, ages ago, I just came across it and thought it was a cool name. We were almost going to name Missy, Kora, but it didn’t suit her. But I think it suits this one perfectly. She’s going to grow up cheeky as well, I can tell. She is definitely a big dog in a little dogs body.

Now here’s some Kora spam:






Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Chelsea x


  1. devouringbooks2017

    OH MY GOSH!! What a cutie pie! I LOVE HER!!! I am so happy for you. The day you pick out your puppy is always an amazing day. I have vivid memories of each time we have gotten a puppy. She is a little floof and I know she will bring you so much joy. Congrats on your newest family member.

    I have just had a rough day with my dogs and been so anxious and worried all day. Roxy jumped on the counter and chewed up a whole bottle of pills. After several calls back and forth with the vet I had to induce vomiting in the two spaniels (we didn’t know which one ate the pills) and now we have to give Roxy meds to protect against a stomach ulcer. Puppies cause a lot of trouble, but they are SO worth it.

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      1. devouringbooks2017

        A cute little floof! I hope that you post more updates! I would love to read about your experiences while she grows up. It’s a very fun time and there are always lots of stories to tell. I hope you include more pictures as well. How big will she get? Also, how big is she right now? She looks pretty small, will she be little forever? Kora is a perfect name for her as well.

        As for my dogs… I swear I was like WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? All day I just kept looking at my dogs and shaking my head. Luckily I found the evidence pretty early and called the vet right away and thank god there is not going to be kidney or liver failure.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. alltimechelsea

        She is!! 😍 I sure will post more updates and pics! 😁 she will be small/medium. She’s pretty small right now she currently weighs 2kg! Thank you! It suits her well 😊

        Thank god you caught them in the act and found the evidence! It could have ended up so much worse. Dogs do some stupid things 😂


      3. devouringbooks2017

        I had to google how much 2 kg is and figured out it’s about 4 and a half pounds. Will she get up to 22 kg (I did the conversion- it’s equivalent to about 50 pounds) that’s how large my medium dog is, my small dog is 11 kg (25 pounds). I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more about her. I love the cheeky dogs, Roxy– the troublemaker– was like that when she was a puppy and she’s grown up to be quite the clown and she makes me laugh all the time.

        I didn’t necessarily catch her in the act, just found the evidence. I WISH I found her in the act because then I wouldn’t have had to make poor Sophie vomit too! It’s times like yesterday when I was sifting through dog vomit looking for pills that I realize that I love these dogs so much and losing them would KILL me, I would do anything for my babies. They give me nothing but unconditional love and laughter. I was so scared yesterday and anxious, I chain smoked a whole pack of cigarettes and paced so much I wound up with 15,000 steps. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until I was like “my legs are killing me.” So they can cause plenty of anxiety, but I’m glad that yesterday your anxiety had happy causes! I’m so happy for you!

        Omg you get me talking about dogs and clearly I can never shut up! hahaha

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      4. alltimechelsea

        Probably not that heavy as she will mainly be fluff and that will make her look bigger than she actually is 😂 cheeky dogs make me laugh!

        Yeah even though they do silly things we would do anything for them 😊 omg that’s crazy, anxiety is the worst.

        Lol!! It’s all good I enjoy talking about doggos too 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      5. devouringbooks2017

        I can’t wait to see and hear more about her. I’m so excited for you. I just love puppies, I can’t help myself from rambling and getting all excited!

        My sister’s dog ate her ENTIRE COUCH 2 weeks after she bought it. She came home to fluff everywhere because all the cushions were torn apart. She saved up to buy a couch too because she had just moved in and only had folding chairs for a while. She was pretty upset, but at the same time she couldn’t help but just laugh. After yesterday I’m just so glad my pups are all okay! Really makes you appreciate them after a scare like that, not that I didn’t before, but she’s getting lots of extra love just to make sure she knows!

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      6. alltimechelsea

        I’m so glad!! I always put updates on twitter so keep an eye out 😊 puppies are the best!

        O..M..G.. that is hilarious but also SO annoying!!! My dogs love the couch, it is literally like a palace to them 😂

        Oh yes having scares is the worst!

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      7. devouringbooks2017

        Okay I will try and pay attention to Twitter as well! Honestly after the fact all these things make for good stories. We had a dog who ate through a wall, ate the carpet on the stairs and chewed on the hair dryer’s cord and electrocuted herself. Now that was scary, we thought she had suddenly gotten rabies because she was foaming at the mouth, it wasn’t until mom found the evidence that she realized what happened. The dogs do love the couch! Have you seen Pet Collective’s Our Domestic World video’s? When you called the couch a palace you reminded me of one I watched today. They are HILARIOUS! I love them!

        Liked by 1 person

      8. alltimechelsea

        Jesus 😂😂😂 that’s crazy I’ve never had a dog do any of those things! Though our staffy has chewed the cord from the gas bottle into the BBQ, chewed the fencing and also chewed a photo frame.

        No I haven’t seen that!

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