My Dreams & Nightmares / 24

I am definitely dreaming significantly less than I used to. Am I getting less sleep? Probably. Do I know what else has changed in my life to cause me not to dream as much? Nope. Anyway, lets go through some of the latest dreams I’ve had and check out the meanings!

**Trigger warning**

  • We were heading to a Disneyland in our state, in a country town about 3 hours away from where we live. By we, I mean my parents. Then suddenly the next day I was at home getting ready for work, but I was running late and kept forgetting things – it was almost 10am

    Disneyland: “To dream that you are at Disneyland indicates that you need to take some time off, especially after all the hard work that you have been involved in. Known as the ‘happiest place on earth’, the dream may suggest a lack of happiness in your life. You are looking for that happiness.”

    Country: “To dream of the countryside suggests that you are seeking a simpler way of life. You need to take some time for yourself to relax and free your mind. Alternatively, it indicates a sense of freedom and/or openness that is lacking in your daily life.”

    Parents: “To see your parents in your dream symbolise both power, shelter and love. You may be expressing your concerns and worries about your own parents. Alternatively, it represents the merging of the male and female aspects of your character.”

    Late: “To dream that you are late signifies your fear of change and your ambivalence about seizing an opportunity. You may feel unready, unworthy, or unsupported in your current circumstances. Additionally, you may be overwhelmed or conflicted with decisions about your future. Time is running out and you no longer have time to accomplish all the things you want. Alternatively, being late in your dream could be telling you that is it better late than never.”

    Forget: “To dream that you are forgetting things signify life’s anxieties. You are expressing an overwhelming amount of stress in your life. You feel the need to tend to everything and everyone’s needs. Alternatively, forgetting something may represent your subconscious desire to leave that something behind. On a more direct level, the dream could just be your subconscious telling you or reminding you of a forgotten appointment or date.”


  • My parents and I were in another country town, about 6-7 hours away from where I live (I have never been to this particular place before). There was a beach there and it felt like we were at the end of the state (might I add, this particular town is nowhere near a beach, but is in fact right at the boarder of our state). I didn’t have bathers with me but I wanted to swim. I went to the local shops to buy some, but I never made it back to the actual beach.

    Beach: “To see the beach in your dream symblises the meeting between your two states of mind. The sand it symbolic of the rational and mental process while the water signifies the irrational, unsteady and emotional aspects of yourself. It is a place of transition between the physical/material and the spiritual.”

    Shops: “To dream that you are shopping symbolises your needs and desires. It also represents opportunities and options that you come across in life. Consider what you are shopping for and what needs you are trying to fulfill. If you are shopping for clothes, it suggests you are trying to put forth a new image.”


  • I was in my Dad’s car as a passenger, with a friend driving that doesn’t have their license in real life. We were coming out of my old street when they turned and didn’t check both ways, I started yelling. They then started complaining at me too.

    Car: “If you are the passenger, then you are taking a passive role.”

    Friend: “To see friends in your dream signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself.”

    Passenger: “To dream that you are a passenger suggests that you are not in control of your life. You are letting others decide for you.”

    Yell: “To dream that you or someone is yelling represents repressed anger that needs to be expressed.”


  • I was walking with a friend when someone threw a folder at me and it had a nail/screw in it and it went right into the top of one of my hands, so there was now a big hole. It didn’t start bleeding straight away, but as I was rushing to get a band aid, blood started gushing out everywhere.

    Folder: To see a folder in your dream suggests that you need to sort out your feelings and re-organize some issues in your waking life, especially if you’ve experienced some trauma or turmoil recently. Consider the contents of the folder for additional clues.

    Nail: “To see nails in your dream symbolise long and hard work for little compensation and pay. It may also be analogous to some rugged or tough force. To dream that you hurt yourself with a nail suggests that you need to be careful with what you say.”

    Hands: “To dream of your hands represent your relationships with those around you and how you connect with the world. Hands serve as a form of communication and can represent authority, hate, protection, justice, etc depending on the gesture. Perhaps you need to lend a helping hand to someone. To dream that you hands are injured denote an attack on your ego. To see blood on your hands signifies that you are experiencing some sort of guilt.”

    Blood: “To see blood in your dream represents life, love, and passion as well as disappointments. To dream that you are bleeding or losing blood signifies that you are suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally drained. It may also denote bitter confrontations between you and your friends.  Some of your past actions have come back to haunt you. Women often dream of blood or of someone bleeding shortly before or during their periods or while they are pregnant.”


Those are all I have for you today! I popped a trigger warning on for the last dream as it is a bit gory and some might not be able to handle that!

All dream meanings from Dreammoods.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x


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