Wedding Cake Inspiration

Ah, welcome back to another wedding related post. Sorry not sorry. This time I’m going to go through some pretty wedding cakes (and hopefully delicious too!). I just want something small-ish that looks nice. Not everyone is going to eat cake – I have learned this from several past experiences. So I don’t want to spend a heap of money on a cake that either isn’t going to be eaten or enjoyed. I’d also love to get fake flowers on it, instead of real so we have a keepsake for after the wedding.


This would be my number one design – pretty, elegant and simple. I like the idea of traditional white with a little bit of colour. Even a two-tier one would be great.


I also love this one! It has a bit more of a rustic look, with some flowers and greenery which really brings the image of it together. I also love the cake topper.


Best of 2018: Wedding Cakes.  DIY donut tower wedding cake    #donut #wedding #cake

If you don’t want a whole cake… why not have a whole sweets tower!? This looks so nice! Though I think I would just have a mixture of donuts and maybe some biscuits, and definitely scrap the macaroons. I like the addition of flowers to add an extra touch to the look.


These gorgeous cake creations look almost too good to eat ... almost.

I would never use a design like this.. but the triangle shapes really stood out to me as they look like plumbobs from The Sims! (My favourite game if you didn’t know). This one is a very fancy design but I am not a huge fan. It definitely might be someone else’s cup of tea though!


Idée piece montee mariage, piece montée de cupcakes, wedding cake mariage original, gateau de mariage de luxe

Ah I love this one! A similar idea to the cake/donut/macaroon tower, but with cupcakes! I love cupcakes, we had them at our engagement party and they were a huge hit! You can do so much with them and have so many different flavours. A great idea if you don’t want a massive cake. I am going with a cake though as it’s more traditional.


Buttercream wedding cakes from cynzcakes

Again, I wouldn’t use this as my cake (I don’t like the colour green and it’s not the design I have in mind). But that attention to detail on those petals is gorgeous! And I love how it slowly goes from minimal to more.


You know it is meant to be when your couple has the same initials as the venue!!! This cake is simple but stunning with it's diagonal pattern of buttercream icing. The copper cake topper is the perfect finishing touch. // More from this summer garden wedding in shades of blue, grey and blush on our blog. #rusticwedding #rusticweddingideas #rusticelegantwedding #gardenwedding #weddingcakes #weddingcakesrustic #weddingcakessimple #rusticweddingcakes

This cake is pretty, and it is different how the lines are diagonal and not horizontal. I also love the natural look of the flowers. I had to add this one on, I love the cake topper and it is actually our initials too, C&J.


I think that is enough cake spam for today, I bet you’re all caked out now. If you’re married and had some sort of wedding cake, feel free to show me in the comments!

Thanks for reading/looking!

Chelsea x


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