Wedding Dress Inspiration

Welcome to another wedding related post! Sorry not sorry. It’s getting near the time to go looking for the perfect dress. I can’t wait to start looking! There’s a few places to look at in the area – some close, others a little further away. I thought I would have a little look through Pinterest for some style ideas – I’m going to go through some of these with you today! I’ve always been a ‘puffy’ dress person, so expect a lot of those. Also, I’m writing this while my fiance is sitting next to me at his computer – so I’ve told him he’s not allowed to look at my screens for a while haha. We’ve organised a cake, as well as flowers now.. now it’s time to figure out a dress.


Sparkling Tulle Off-the-shoulder Neckline Ball Gown Wedding Dresses With Rhinestones #ballgownweddingdresses

This one is gorgeous – I love the puffiness of the dress (obviously) and I love the off-the-shoulder design too. I am also a fan of the small amount of lace. I’m not too big on lace but I feel like it needs to have a little bit at least. This honestly looks like a princess dress – which is exactly what I’d want. I love the addition of the tiara.


This swoon-worthy lace and tulle over satin A-line bridal gown is an instant classic with its cap sleeves, hand-sewn Diamante accents, and lady-like chapel train. Choose from a corset closure or a zipper closure under crystal buttons. A-line wedding dresses flatter almost any body shape as they draw the eye away from the waistline and up to the face.

This one doesn’t have as much puffiness to it, but I think it is a pretty design and is very flattering. This one has a bit of a different off-the-shoulder look, but I like this too. I also like the bit of trail at the back. It is a simple, yet elegant design.


♔43 Illusion Off-the-shoulder Princess Wedding Dress with Sleeves Perfect For You #wedding #weddingdress #sleeves #princess #fashion |

This one also looks really pretty and princessy. The tiara really adds to the princess look too. We were originally going to wear a tiara and crown, but we thought it was a bit too corny. We’re getting married at a castle so I thought it would fit in with the theme!


Luxury Tulle V-neck Neckline Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The first one in my collection that doesn’t have an off-the-shoulder look! This one is pretty and has a nice amount of lace. I like how the top part of it is lacey, and then it disappears and starts again at the bottom.


Wedding dress idea; Featured: Mori Lee

The first one in the collection that doesn’t have straps at all! I like how much this one puffs out and how it has a band just in the right place – it is super flattering.


If you're looking for the perfect wedding dress, you've probably encountered some of these different colors and may feel confused about which shade is right for you. #wedding #weddingdresses #dresses #whiteweddingdresses #laceweddingdresses

This is the last one for today. I think you can sort of get the idea of what style I like. This one has a really pretty chest/neck/shoulder design. I like the addition of the flowers on the dress also.


That’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed looking through some of my wedding dress inspiration.

Thank you for reading/viewing!

Chelsea x


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